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I'm new to this, so be easy on me.

Plus, I'm human so I'm prone to error and other vices that slow me down or mistakes.

I like variety or different bits of Anime/Manga, Cartoons, TV Shows, Games, Books, MISC, Comics, and Movies.

My list of what I like, is not complete and I do like more.

The list I put down is just some of the stuff I write in the moment and I might add more in the future. From time to time, when I feel like it.

Cartoons I like:

Simpsons Futurama Disenchantment South Park The Boondocks Venture Brothers Rick and Morty Samurai Jack Danny Phantom Kim Possible Hey Arnold Daria Gargoyles Swat KATZ Codename: Kids Next Door Courage the Cowardly Dog Batman: The Animated Series Batman: Beyond Metalocalypse Static Shock Justice League/Justice League Unlimited Oblongs The Proud Family Over the Garden Wall Gravity Falls Adventure Time Young Justice Teen Titans Avatar: The Last Airbender Legend of Korra Teen Titans (2003-2006) Powerpuff Girls (1998-2002)

Anime/Manga I Like:

Naruto Inuyasha Bleach Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Super Dragon GT Fullmetal Alchemist Fullmetal Alchemist: The Brotherhood Digimon Gundam Wing/AC Gundam Seed/Destiny Gundam 00 One Piece Death Note Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Yu Yu Hakusho Rorouni Kenshin RWBY Vampire Knight Evangelion Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kuyojin Code Geass Hellsing Hunter X Hunter My Hero Academia Cowboy Bebop Akria Rosario Vampire Blood Jojo Bizarre Adventure Highschool of the Dead Trinity Blood Zach Bell Cyborg 009 Outlaw Star Ghost in the Shell Akame ga Kill Kill la Kill Oh My Goddess Black Lagoon Baki the Grappler Furi Kuri: FLCL Gurren Lagann Samurai 7 Lupin III Berserk Vandread Kenichi the Mightiest Discipline Kekkashi Dungeon Seeker Tenchi Muyo Tenchi Muyo GXP Re: Monster Rising of the Shield Hero Read or Die

Movies I like:

Pirates of the Caribbean Star Wars Men In Black District 9 Matrix Robocop Iron Giant Sherlock Holmes Kingsmen: The Secret Service Brave, 2012 Kill Bill Aliens/Predators Species Halloween Friday the 13th Texas Chainsaw Massacre Silence of the Lamb/Hannibal Evil Dead/Army of Darkness Scream Dawn of the Dead Night of the Living Dead Children of the Corn Childs Play/Chuckie movies Blade (Wesley Snipes) 9 Nightmare Before Christmas ParaNorman Addams Family Bettlejuice WALL-E Toy Story Wreck-it-Ralph How to Train Your Dragon Incredibles Shrek Rango Moana Road to El Dorado Anastasia Mary and Max Titan A.E Treasure Planet Monty Python The Hangover American Pie Van Wilder/The Rise of Taj Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Harold and Kumar Mall Rats 21 and Over Spirited Away Princess Mononoke Spirited Away Castle in the Sky Kiki Delivery Service Howls Moving Castle When Marnie Was There Tales from Earthsea Porco Rosso Grave of the Fireflies
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