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Hello, everyone. It's nice to meet you all. I'm kind of new to this, though a friend of mine writes here. As my username implies, I'm a big fan of Fairy Tail. I'm also a bit of a perv, so I doubt it'll be hard for you to guess what my stories are like. A bit about myself:

Age: Not entirely comfortable telling, but I'm an adult. More importantly, I'm over the age of consent. ; )

Where I'm from: All you'll get from me is that I'm from the Southern part of the USA

Name: I'm not naive enough to say my real name online, so I'll think up a nickname soon.

About my stories: Well, I don't have many opportunities to write, so I won't promise quick updates. But I've gotten some work done, and am working on 3 stories. I'm going to focus on OC stories, starring one of these 2: Victor, my male OC, or Kenzie, a girl. I'll keep them mostly the same personality wise, but their appearances and some parts of their personalities may change from story to story.

Here's some info on each story:

The Lady Slayer of Fairy Tail- Obviously a Fairy Tail story, some Kingdom Hearts influence. This one focuses on Vic, who's a special variety of God Slayer. He's new to Fairy Tail, and unable to deal with the side effects of his magic. But he's beginning to wonder, should he be so focused on controlling his powers? 2nd chapter complete and posted!

No One Is Alone- A Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai/I Don't Have Many Friends story. Kenzie got lucky and transferred to a really good school in Japan. Of course, her only friend/crush is back in the States, and is trying to get in as well so she won't be on her own. But he had her promise him sumthing, that she tries to make some friends before he gets there. Can the new Neighbors Club be of any help? 2nd chapter in progress.

Fire and Fury- A SYOC Fairy Tail story that I partly got the idea for from PSIness11's Speeding Through Life. Gajeel and the Element Four aren't Phantom Lord's only strong wizards. Kenzie Black, AKA the Fury of Phantom, isn't as well known as her guild's S Class, but she's no weakling. After her guild is disbanded, what comes next? Her idea, start a new guild, one that won't make the same mistakes. How hard can it be? OC submission requirements below, be sure to read the rules! 1st chapter not yet started, and I'm also accepting ideas for the guild's name.

The Renegade Duelist- When Duel Academy invaded the Xyz Dimension, they made many enemies. This story focuses on the one who only hates 1 thing more than Duel Academy, himself. The Renegade Duelist will show them true horror. Not as dark as it sounds.

Fire and Fury submission rules: First, I'd like anyone who sends their OC to keep in mind that the 1st few chapters will take place before Phantom Lord is broken up and I'll be using the characters I get at that point as members of Phantom and will help Kenzie start up her guild. No OP characters, Lost Magics or Slayers (yet XD). Feel free to be creative about them. I don't want every character to have some huge baggage in their past, a few people who just want to be wizards never hurt anyone. PM me the info, even after I've posted. That way it's a bit more organized and you don't have to compare and compete over who has the "cooler or better made" character. Also, any discussion we have over it is private, so you can be free to trial and error without judgement!

Required Fields:

Eye Color- This is for an anime fic, so free reign!

Hair Color/Style- Mainly color and length, specific styling isn't necessary. Up to you!

General Appearance- Skin tone, build, scars, tattoos, piercings, etc. For girls, some idea of their figure isn't needed but appreciated.

Clothing- Can be changed and/or reused as the story goes along.

Guild Mark- Color and location, though I can't design one until after we've picked a name.

Name- Like I'm going to tell you how to name your own creations.

Age- Free reign here too, but I'd prefer younger characters for now.

Magic- Again, for now no Slayers, crazily OP, or Lost Magic. But some details and descriptions of their spells, along with the color of their magic circles when they cast them.

Weapons- This is entirely optional, so if you don't want your OC using one, don't.

Personality- They can be as weird or normal as you want, but tell me how they'd act and react as best you can. Like clothing, this doesn't have to be set in stone, since people change and grow all the time. If I need more or less details, I'll tell you.

Roles- Some characters had roles as part of the guild staying running, like Mirajane and Kinana being waitresses, Nab always lingering at the board, troublemakers like Natsu, even tyrants like Erza. Optional as well, it's just keeping everyone more involved! I may use some people who don't ask based on personality, but if you don't like that chance just say so in this field.

Backstory- Again, no need for everyone to have skeletons in the closet. Even just "(Name here) wanted to be a wizard" is fine. I'd also like info on family (if any/necessary) and maybe a story or two to bring up in conversation.

Personal fears/weaknesses- Exactly how it sounds. And people can be motion sick without being Dragon Slayers. Heck, my best friend IRL has trouble on long car trips and spews from time to time. Also, ordinary fears like heights, certain animals, drowning, fire, the dark, etc. are fine.

Likes and dislikes- Just some fun tidbits, like favorite foods and games, or the reverse, that aren't necessary on the overall personality. Not required, but encouraged. Again, it adds more depth to the characters.

Additional rules: I'm not going to start the story until I have at least 5 OCs including Kenzie, but if I have to I will create a few of my own to kick things off. You can give me more than 1 OC each, but try to space them out a bit, OK? I want to give lots of people the chance to see their OCs. I currently have Kenzie and 1 submission, only 3 to go!

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