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Megatokyo(MT)- Keith: Ed’s disappointed to find he has been placed with a partner to keep him out of trouble and from nearly killing himself all the time. But it’s not what he expected. The fiery red-head from Northern Michigan is a bombshell the company dropped on him, and Ed finds he may have met his match. (may continue)

Nightwish- Amaranth: She had to be an angel, she was so pretty, even with the blood seeping out of her closed eyes.
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Nightwish- Bye Bye Beautiful: She'd gambled, and lost something she had never had a right to claim as her's.
HITS: 34

Kingdom Hearts- Kingdom Hearts: Hearts of Hopes and Dreams- parts One and Two: Part 1: After a year or so of peaceful bliss, our trio’s world is shattered once again when two strangers land on Destiny Islands. Sora is worried that Ansem has returned, and fears for Kairi’s safety above all things, while Riku is plagued with the self-doubt of being able to fight the darkness that still resides deep in his heart. Can he fight it? And can Sora save the worlds again?
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Kingdom Hearts- Kingdom Hearts: Hearts of Hopes and Dreams- parts One and Two: Part 2: Sora's nightmare has become reality when he wakes from the explosion. He is forced to continue alone, but he's not the only one with problems. Each member of the group had landed somewhere different, One in the grasp of Shinya, another in the waiting arms of the Guardian. To reach his friends again, Sora must fight his way to them,and find the strength inside that he didn't know he had. (removed)

Naruto- Yin and Yang: In this large and vastly overlooked world, ruled by the main five large countries with shinobi villages, a problem arises. The true meaning and locations of the Missing Nin's are about to surfface, and a new adventure comes forth in the form of Ice.
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