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Hello! Welcome! I see you've come to my profile to learn more about me. Unfortunately, I'm a rather private person. So there isn't much to know about the actual me. On the subject of fiction and writing however, you can know as much as you want. :D


This used to include a huge list of all the pairings I was into. But really, who wants to read all of that. You can see perfectly well who I'm into by looking through my favorites. I'll only say that you will mostly find male/male pairings and I'm not a deviant. Once I settle on two people being together, that's the way it stays (except for the occasional exception due to great fic).


Please check out my favorites if you're looking for something great to read! I'll admit, there are some up there that maybe I regret adding a little now (but unless they commit some great crime I won't remove, because they were still awesome at one point, which only means my tastes have changed), but for the most part I'm proud of it. And hey it can't be perfect! We need a little of everything in our lives. ;) But, do notice that most of the fics up there are completed. I usually have them on story alert until completion. That doesn't mean they all are, because sometimes I'm so into it that I just have to favorite it. But for the most part, you'll find a lot of long, complete fic, with no atrocious grammar and spelling! :D

My Writing

I haven't written that much. And everything I have is a one-shot. No exceptions. So please, stop adding story alerts for my fics. They aren't going to be added to. I know how I am, and I know that I hate incomplete fics. So if I ever decide to write something longer, it will be mostly if not completely done before I post it. Also, if you head over to my lj page, there are some other fics up there that don't fit with 's policies anymore. (No this does not mean nc-17; it's rpf or original.) I have one particular one over there that I'm quite proud of. My longest work yet (though length does not mean quality), and it always makes me laugh. XD

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