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I'm a girl who loves manga / anime since small, so naturally I enjoy fandom in any form.. fanfiction, fan-art, cosplay, doujinshi, AMV, etc..^_^

Fav manga/anime (in no particular order): One Piece, Naruto, GTO, Fushigi Yuugi, Kyo Kara Maoh, Kindaichi Shounen no Jinkenbo, Mononoke/Ayakashi, Detective Conan, Midori no Hibi, Flame of Recca, Bleach, Alice Academy, Magister Negi Magi.. also old skool evergreen ones like Yuu Yuu Hakushou, Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball Z, Ranma, Sailormoon, etc.

I love to read fanfics but I'd never written a single one. I'll try to leave meaningful reviews if I think the story deserves it, or if I want the author to know how awesome he/she is if he/she writes story that I like ^^, I'd never flame. If I feel dissatisfied with any fic, I'll try to review it in mildest language as possible.

Favourite Pairings (Yaoi & Het):

One Piece

1. Kidd x Law - These Supernovas are like yin and yang, have poles apart differences yet complete each other ^^, I can feel their sizzling chemistry even from a piece of paper/animation.

2. Zoro x Sanji - This is my first OTP ^_^ Didn't think I have to explain more here.. I ship them ever since the Little Garden arc..

3. Mihawk x Zoro - They are both hot, ruthless but not cruel, traditional (for their own culture), poetic. Mihawk's coldness matched Zoro's hotheadedness.

4. Doflamingo x Law (-_-") - They are like a parallel to MihawkZoro but in a different way. Dofla's craziness and ruthlessness just a match to Law's laid-back and calm nature.

5. Luffy x Hancock

6. Zoro x Tashigi / Perona / Bonney

7. Franky x Robin


1. Kakashi x Iruka

2. Kakashi x Itachi

3. Shikamaru x Temari

4. Minato x Kushina

5. Naruto x Sasuke

6. Naruto x Hinata

Other Anime/Mangas:

1. Sakuragi x Rukawa (Slam Dunk)

2. Sakuragi x Sendoh (Slam Dunk)

3. Hiei x Kurama (Yuu Yuu Hakushou)

4. Shinichi x Heiji (Detective Conan) (but I like Shinichi x Ran, Heiji x Kazuha too ^^,)

5. Onizuka x any of the girls (Fuyuzuki, Urumi, Tomoko, Miyabi)

Harry Potter

1. Albus x Gellert

2. Bill x Fleur

3. Ron x Hermione

4. Sirius x Remus

and right now, I'm into Tangled fandom as well ^_^ (I heart Rapunzel & FLYNN so much!)

My like/dislike in a fic:

I love well-written fanfic. I love the ones with original/creative ideas. I can accept overdone plot as long as it's interesting. Humour/ Parody/ Crack/ Randomness is my favourite. I enjoy a good laugh. AU's also interest me. I love the ones that include my fav pairing in yummy ways..whether its fluffy sweet or smutty hot. And I really luv it when my fav character been potrayed in-characteristically sexy ^^,

I don't like to read pairings that include one of my fav character in it, then suddenly he'd been turn into a jerk / OOC, or just a device/tool to make the other person looks good/ sympathetical/ sexy-while-making-luv, etc. And I don't appreciate it when my fav character is just been placed in a fic for a 'revenge' coz he/she is not author's fav, been given poor characterization and a lot of bashing.

I can accept OC, as long as the OC is pleasant, not annoying and well-written/characterized and doesn't have the canon character/s to behave out of character, or fall head over heels for her (especially since the first time they met -_-*) I also don't like it when the plot builds around the OC and canon characters, then suddenly the canon character just dissapeared and it's all about the OC as the chapter continues -_-"

It's also annoys me when a canon character had been used as a 'stand-in' to Sue-in-disguise (the author imagined himself/herself as the particular canon character). Suddenly other person behaves OOC for him/her, the world revolves around him/her, he/she have a lot of awesomeness, lack of flaws and many different things, compared to him/her in the original story.

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