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If anyone needs a idea for a story for Evangelion, Ranma, and Harry Potter I think I can help you out. I am a big fan of Kamen Riders, Gundam, Power Rangers and Megaman.

I am a Guy.

I like these pairings: Harry Potter x Daphne Greengrass; Harry Potter x Fleur Delacour; Geo Stelar x Sonia Strumm; Zero x Ciel; Shinji Ikari x Hikari Horaki; Ichigo x Rukia:

I am looking for a artist who is willing to draw at least some of my ideas. If anyone is interested in doing a Kamen Rider crossover fanfic series, I am too but I need help. I have a good amount of details done and I can do OCs if you do the writing, help design the Kamen Rider ideas I have, and/or any ideas you have please pm me and we can work together.

Hey, everyone I am issuing out a challenge for a Harry Potter/Kamen Rider crossover. It is a Wrong Boy Who Lived with it being Harry's Twin sibling and Harry being the True Boy Who Lived. The sibling can be a boy or girl. The Rider for this fic this Evol with Harry using the Transteam Gun, Nebulasteam Gun, Gear bottle, Cobra, and Bat lostbottles as well. Harry will also be using the Kamen Rider concept ideas for the Builds series from me as well. Mad Rouge can be use as well. If you choose to use Harry Potter characters to use the other transformations such as Mad Rouge, Night Rouge and others please wait till after Harry use the forms a few times. On the Hazard Level I believe they increase the Riders physical capabilities but for Harry since he has magic, they would increase his magical capabilities as well. Now there is two ways to do this; one is Evolto is brought to the Harry Potter world to raise and train him as to how that's up to the one(s) who choose to do this or two did what dannrockon122 did in his Harry The Supreme King fanfic. Now you can do a: WCWL with this when Harry is the TCWL B: Like Arawn D. Draven does his HP fanfics (Where Harry's parents are still alive) or c: Kithrin's way (Where Harry's parents are dead). Now here are the rules.

No characters from the Kamen Rider series beside Evolto if you go way one:

No genderbend:

No Harry x Ginny Weasley

Possible pairings for Harry: Harry x Fleur Delacour or Harry x Daphne Greengrass (I like these pairings). If you choose to give Harry a harem have them be in it.

Anti-Hero Harry

Harry kills some of the Deatheaters as the Quidditch World Cup and at the Graveyard.

The Horcrux in Harry's gets destroyed early.

Nagini gets cured of her blood curse and the horcrux in her is destroyed as well. She joins Harry side.

Astoria Greengrass gets cured of her blood curse

Bashing is allowed

No slash

OCs are allowed

Killing of Dursleys is not only allow but greatly encouraged

Harry is head of the Founders' houses by right of blood and magic

Harry still gets Hedwig

No godlike Harry.

No early overpowering Harry

Harry still goes to Hogwarts because of him being required in order to be the head of the founders' houses

No pairing Harry with women old enough to be his mother.

Good Salazar

Basilisk meant to defend Hogwarts and lives

Other than these rules you have free reign. I hope that someone(s) take up this challenge. Oh, and if anyone is interested in some Evangelion and Ranma ideas I have some available that could use a good Author to write them.

New Idea challenge. Gundam IBO/HP crossover challenge. This will be like Azure Dragon of the East story Infinite Stratos: The Iron Blooded Devil. Harry during his time at the Dursleys will be (by magic) transported to the IBO universe and he will get the Alaya-Vijnana surgery which will destroyed the horcrux in Harry and he will be the secondary pilot of the Barbatos and do the final battle. He will at the end of the battle be transported back to his original universe by the Goblet of Fire to take part in the Triwizard Tournament and the Barbatos will shrunk and be like a armor that Harry can call with a command (Mental or speaking out loud). It can be upgraded to my Custom Barbatos in my Gundam Ideas fic. Now you can do a: WCWL with this when Harry is the TCWL B: Like Arawn D. Draven does his HP fanfics (Where Harry's parents are still alive) or c: Kithrin's way (Where Harry's parents are dead). As to the Rules same as my Evolto challenge minus Hedwig, Hary having to go to Hogwarts, and Harry killing the deatheaters at the Quidditch Tournaments. Anyways that's it.

New Idea challenge: Harry Potter/Guilty Crown: A story that uses a part of Volkorona's Between Black and White story with the Guilty Crown. (Where Naruto gains the power of both kings and is paired with both Inori and Mana.) As to the Rules same as my Evolto challenge.

Final Fantasy XIII/Ranma crossover: Lightning x Ranma. Ranma is brought to Cocoon by a higher being who gives Ranma the choice to go to Cocoon. Higher Being turns Ranma into a 5 year old body and put him in a hyperbolic time chamber like place to get rid of all his damage. Both physical and mental. Ranma will spend 13 years in it before going to Cocoon. Ranma gets cure of his curse for going.

Harry Potter/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover: Harry uses a Dark Magician/Magician Girl/Buster Blader/Silent Magician (no toon monsters) Deck. No Synchros, tuners, XYZs, Pendulum, or Link cards. Cards from the later Yu-Gi-Oh can be used. Rules same as Harry/Evolto idea. The Magician Girls (except Berry) and Silent Magician can be in Harry's harem. The Dark Magician from the Dark side of dimensions. I thought Harry using the Dark Magician would be funny. Since Dark Magician is dark and everyone is like dark is evil and light is good (light doesn't represent good and dark doesn't represent evil they are neutral). Harry can see and talk to Duel Spirits.

Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V crossover: Harry using the Four Heavenly Dragons and being the Supreme King Dragon. Rules same as Harry/Evolto idea. Magician/Performapal/Odd-Eyes Deck. Harry can see and hear Duel Spirits. Harry can instead use a DD/DDD Deck if you want to use that.

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