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My names Robert. I love Doctor Who - as you can probably tell by the picture, though I might change it any moment.

I have an Archive of Our Own account, look for TimeTraveller and you've got it.

Please do not email me about co-writing stories. I am not interested and I don't have the time or the patience to bother co-writing with anyone. From the 4th June 2019 onwards, anyone who emails me offering to co-write a story will be turned away. My answer is absolutely final - NO! I don't care if you think your idea is great, I am just not interested.

Please read this carefully -

I don't write scripts or stories for other people. Every time I get a message hinting interest I ask them for more details, and then I don't receive any more messages. DO NOT send me more ideas, because the answer will always be NO. I'm sorry, but I don't care. I am tired of people sending messages telling me to write a story with others and they can't be bothered writing it for themselves.

If I could write my first stories without asking for help, so can you. I know this message might be rude, but please bear it in mind and think twice before you come to me with this kind of request. It really is annoying to be PMed so many times only for the messages to stop. So don't. NOT INTERESTED

Also, another note.

If you have a story you want writing then write it for yourself. Please don't bother other authors. You can do it yourself.I also love star trek TNG, DS9, VOY (TO A POINT) ENT and the 2009 movie. I like harry potter, but I felt that the later books - 6 - 7 were crap. No offence to die-hard JK ROWLING fans, but seriously, Harry forgives Dumbledore? Using words like feel remorse for someone like Voldemort? Also, I don't think they were completely thought through.

I am also a fan of The Saint, by Leslie Charteris, the novels are fantastic and they provide a great inspiration for Harry Potter fanfics i write. I also enjoy the occasional Babylon 5 episode and Space 1999, they seem more realistic than Star Trek in some cases. I also enjoy...tweaking certain aspects of Babylon 5 and intend there to be 3 such stories, so keep an eye out.

I like crime dramas - No offence, Scott & Bailey, New Tricks.

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