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Hello. Welcome to the Teen Titan Legends Team.

The Titan Legendsverse is an alternate timeline for Teen Titans, set in a rough approximation of the world of the TV series, but with some major deviations in character back story and original characters.

All the stories in this timeline are catalogued in this account's Favorite Stories.
All authors who write for Legends are listed in Favorite Authors.

The correct order chronologically is:

Children of a Lesser God -Prisionero

Black and White

Wings of the Eagles Part One

Time and Time Again

The Epic of Gauntlet (Unfinished) Bobcat

Wings of the Eagles Part Two

White and Black

Wings of the Eagles Part Three (unfinished)

Hand in Hand -Ultra Sonic 007

Flashing Lights and Sounds (Unfinished) -Jedi-And


God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

The Cutting Edge

Via Negativa -Prisionero

Danny's Inferno

Shadows into Nights - CerberAsta

Boogeymen II: Teenage Wasteland

Adeste Fideles

Measure of a Man (Unfinished)

Sins of Youth (Unfinished)

Maternal Instinct -Chaltab

Boogeymen III: House of 1000 Cliches

Here Comes Tomorrow (Unfinished)

-Out of Continuity Works-

Tales and Randomness

We All Fall Down: A Teen Titans Movie (Unfinished)

To Charm a Ghost -Chaltab

Time Phantom: The DeLorean Chronicles -Chaltab

Crisis Point (Unfinished)

Titan Dredd Files -The Bloodredsandman

Twilight's Last Gleaming

Terra Firma

-Planned Projects-

School's Out (by Legend Maker)

The Zeus Gauntlet (by Legend Maker)

-Teen Titans Legacy Works-

Titans Legacy is a separate time line with several crossovers with Legends. All current works are by author Chaltab.

Legacy of the Tamaranean

Colors (unfinished)

Bold denote strict continuity works that aren't subject to capricious ignoring by Legend Maker, Jedi-And, and/or BobCat.
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