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Cue beginning of 'Alexander Hamilton' theme song*

How does an artist, poet, lyricist of two really nice people find a way not to throw away her shot and tell the story of her soon to come legacy?

A Haitian-American, of HugglePuff origin

Longing to just more than survive

She'll never be an Angelina

For her Amy Adams is just fine

She knows she'll be cooler in college

Cause let's face it high school is shit

But that doesn't mean she can't rise up and conquer it

She learned to slam on the brakes before turning the key

She leads with the best of her and not her worst so you see

She keeps the stars in her eyes

And her emotions at bay

Later but not right now

She hopes to find the one that'll make her Helpless & Satisfied one day

But she knows, she knows

Life can be beautiful

She hopes, she yearns, she prays

That she can be forever Seventeen

But for now she'll freeze her brain and press a felt pen to her temple and her original testaments of pain

Her words won't fail and maybe she won't Disappear...

Sincerely, Her.

Heyo I'm SugarRamen but you can call me Katt for short.

I write poems and X Reader fanfiction

Oh! I'm also Musical & Musical Theatre trash.

And Band & KPOP trash.

Kay. That's it.

You can leave now :3

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