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Hi, I'm Blackbelt219 and I'm just a guy who loves fanfiction. Isn't that everyone who comes onto the site? I like all types of fanfictions, ranging from Harry Potter to Naruto. I have started a new story and I have a couple of ideas for other stories.


For My Family Anything:

This story really came from my desire to see Harry in the Marauder's time period without him having to time travel. THIS IS AN AU STORY and the events of canon never happened. The main antagonists will be Voldemort and a little of Grindelwald. In this story Harry is Jame's twin and his biological parents are Charles Potter and Dorea Potter. This will not be slash(nothing against it I just can't write it) and the pairing will be Harry and Lily. This will include a powerful Harry as he will be training from an early age to while protect his family.


A Meeting that Changes Destiny:

This is a story I have been thinking of writing for awhile. It will be a crossover between Harry/Iron Man. The pairing will be Harry/Pepper but that's all I have thought about. Pepper and Tony will both be younger. I will only release the opening chapter later as I want to focus my efforts on For My Family Anything.


For those who actually find my writing good sorry for not updating recently. I have by no means given up the story. I have been sick and unable to write. Exams are coming up so I'm not sure when I'll be able to update but I will try. I will try and get 2-3 chapters out a week and 2 chapters on the weekend. Guys though I'm writing the story I really would appreciate advice you guys have so plz REVIEW or MESSAGE ME with advice because I'm sure as the readers you guys will have wonderful suggestions.

Thank you and this is Blackbelt219 signing off

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