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Hello My name is Keyblade writer of the Dawn.

I'm a writer who still trying to learn how to make great stories so I trying to learn through Fanfiction by reading, and writing it I know that I have to improve no doubt about it, but I will do my very best to do it. I like well-written stories that involves great amounts of world-building that helps flesh out the story, and a good cast of well develop along with interesting characters. I'm a fan of many different series that pop over the years, but there still series that I yet to get into still even through I might it.

I will always love storytelling because it gives people the power to create whole new worlds into existence along with it bringing forth characters that have so much life in them while also, making an experience for many people that can either enjoy it that new world, or not it just depends on their tastes.

To me the best romances in a lot of stories are the ones that slowly developed over time, and have good chemistry with each other.

Any constructive criticism is welcome so Pm me if you have any, and Sorry, but for now I will not do any beta reading, since I don't feel comfortable to beta another story for another writer through if you need any help to brainstorm ideas than I can help you with that.

Favorite characters:

Jake Clawson from Swat Kats the radical squadron.

Jake, has been one of my favorites for a while now since he, and Chance are to me anyways has always been very interesting characters to learn about. Jake is a very intelligent character coming up with most of the weapons that they use during their time of being the swat kats, and has a very nice character balance that he has with Chance.

he is rather compassion when it comes to innocent people very much getting hurt like in razor's edge where he thought that he had hurt an elderly couple, and it causes him to start hesitating while on Swat kat's missions to the point of him thinking that he is just placing his partner along with innocent civilian's in danger, but a eventually he figures out that it was a set up to get him off his game by one of the series main villains. Combine this with his humble, dry humor but also kind personality, and his willingly to protect others along with his partner then you a pretty great character.

Tulip Olsen from infinity train book 1.

To me she is one of my favorites from this series, and to see how her character grow on the train over the run of the first season just great to watch. Started as a girl who ran from her problems like her parents divorce, and not being able to go video game design camp, but then when she got on the train she slowly started make friends going through the many different cars her number going down as she learn along with growing to become a better person. Her friendships with Atticus, and One-One are great along with her facing Amelia to save Atticus even through she could just go back home definitely is awesome moments to remember. So she probably will always my favorite of this series even through it is anthology so there will be a lot more protagonists to choose from.

Least favorite characters:

Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series.

Sorry for the fans of Snape, I just can't like this character because while I can give him some respect on saving Harry in the last book and all. That doesn't undo all the harm that he cause to both Lily, and everybody else an around him. He acts more like a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum about how unfair his life is, and he very much blame everybody like it's their fault not his when while the only times he does an admitted that somethings was his fault it either when he talks with Dumbledore, or when he yelled at Harry for seeing his memories.

To me he causes all of his own bloody problems, He very much show his interest of the dark arts in front of his classmates in a time when those very dark arts are being look down on probably causing some students to bully him.

Then he joins the death eaters of his own free will, he loses his friendship with Lily on his own count, and sure Sirius give him directions of where Remus were but it was on Severus own choice to go there finally, he acts more of a child then the actually kids that is learning in hogwarts.

Like when instead of him choosing to let go of his grudge that he has over a die man, he chosen to hold onto it, and decide to mistreat say die man kid whom mother was the same former best friend he ever had just because of the kid looking like him.

Sorry just no, and besides he not a very interesting character to read especially when you can found a better version of this type of character.

Okay even through I do hated this character I will not do over the top bashing stories on him because I find those are way too over the top with it for my taste, and he just a jac* not some loud mouth who yells, "100,000,000,000,000 points away from gryffindor for breathing in class!"

Also, to any fans who like Severus more power to you, but knows that I will not read any shipping stories of Lily and Severus together anytime soon.

The Dursleys from the Harry Potter series.

I just can't stand the Dursleys they are generally unlikable, and I really have to question how they even can consider themselves anything close to normal nothing that they done to Harry is normal they abuse him trying beat the magic out of him, give him clothes far to big to fit him well, force him to do all the cooking, cleaning, gardening for who knows how long along with forcing him to live in the cupboard under the stairs too until that letter, try to imprisoned him in his room in second to try to keep him from getting to hogwarts even not giving him anything to eat at all for days beside a pitiful size can of cold soup! They made up stories to make it out that Harry is a delinquent which is so stupid because shouldn't anyone at all in the neighborhood along with his old school notion that he wasn't a delinquent especially when Dudley bully every kid who tried to befriend him, or the fact that they did Harry hunting? Then there is also, the fact that Dursleys parental spoiled Dudley so much to give him 39 presents each other year in front of him not at all caring about his, and they punish him for anything of magic even through he had no control over what so ever over that before going to Hogwarts they very genuinely lucky he didn't snap from all that because that would have turn anybody mad at that point.

Then they reasons for hating magic is petty first Petunia being overly jealous because she didn't had magic, and look I can understand that being a kid without magic they of course would want to see the wizardly world too, but here the thing she let her jealous of Lily destroy anything she had with her sister while making the choice of refusing to grown up, or to let it go.

Next there is Vernon the reason he hates Harry along with all of magic is because it reminds of James who he hates because of, and I not kidding here because of one single freaking conversation!

Sorry, but how is anybody suppose to sympathize with, or care them that they could die when they have nothing good about them yeah I can understand that they took Harry in through, they did more to protect themselves more than actually caring for him, but that change nothing to me they still always will be characters who will never have my respect because of everything they done.

Favorite canon, and fan ships.
Miraculous adventures of Ladybug and Chat Noir

Marinette X Chat Noir.
I know it everywhere in the miraculous fandom, but it a nice pairing because to me they are showing who they truly are like Chat showing the side of himself that Adrien can't when he outside the mask while Marinette can be herself outside of Ladybug, and show Chat who the real Ladybug is under the mask. The only thing I don't really like about it is the annoying love square in general, but it nothing major.

Nino x Alya

Detective Conan.

Shinichi X Ran.
Love these two characters together especially, any time Conan turn back into Shinichi because you can tell how much that they love each other very much sure it might get annoying at times because Shinichi never tell what happen, and taking so long for the series to get Shinichi back to normal, or to just found the organization to arrest them, but I don't care because these two generally heartwarming to watch together.

Kingdom hearts.
Sora X kairi.
Sora, and Kairi may not be a couple yet, but they definitely love each other even if they not in relationship from all the small actions on destiny islands along with each other talking to being reunited with each other in kingdom hearts 2 they obviously love each other very much along with doing anything to protect each other from anything.

Star Fox.
Falco X Katt.
These has good chemistry together, and they has very good interactions whenever Katt shows up on a mission. Katt also, join Falco team when he first made it in one of the endings, and generally they relationship is interesting to see, or read about.

Spyro the Dragon.
Hunter X Bianca.
These are adorable together, and they very much deserve each other especially, Bianca because she had a bit of a hard time being the apprentice of the Sorceress so having somebody in her life like Hunter who shows genuine care along with love later on for her just like she does for him is great.

Sonic the hedgehog.
Blaze X Silver.

Sally X Sonic.

Tails X Cosmo.

Nick X Judy.
These two are very much good for each other while also, having lots of good chemistry between the two, and they help each other get pass their childhood traumas while trying to find the truth, through they did hit a few bumps on the road on their partnership until they get back together to finish the case.

Larry X Gary
Mostly a fan pairing, since we really don't know that much about them besides their one scene. These two do has good stories here which can adorable in some of them, and it interesting to see the fan interpretations for them generally because there is quite an amount of potential to them like other characters we see in the film.

Least favorite ships.
Star Fox
Fox X Krystal.
Okay I need to explain this because I know that their are fans of this ship so here go. I dislike this ship because of the generally bad writing of star fox commend that ruin any really chance of me shipping them, since in most of the game they keep on non-stop arguing with each other to point I wanted to yell at them to just shut up because it gotten very annoying to play, and they are in a middle of a war to save their galaxy from a threat that could kill them along with Innocent people so they should had place their issues for after they done instead of wasting time on arguing at each other.

There also, the fact that this game was the first to had the characters in a real relationship, but they blew it, since when the game starts they already been broken up thanks to Fox kicking Krystal off the team for possibly thinking of her safety, and Krystal ran off before joining star wolf then getting into a relationship with Panther to use a plan to make Fox jealous while getting revenge on him for kicking her off of the team.

Okay here the kicker in this game there are multiple endings to it where whatever choices you may choose will lead you to get different endings where either Krystal married to Fox then they retired having a kid, or Krystal broke his heart an again for a second time something that seen to lead fox into a possible depression in some of them, through there is one where he just end up as a racer with Falco to help get out of that in one of them.

Here the thing I was fine with them before commend, since I thought that they would make a nice couple together it's just that they needed to build up for them to get together, and they were both good characters throughout star fox adventures along with assault so it could happen then commend arrived destroying the possible of I liking them in canon.

I can read fanfiction of them, since the stories I did read of them were made by writers who knew what they were doing, but I probably will never write a story about this ship unless I want to make a story about the good endings. still I rather indifferent to the ship just because of how sour the game made them for me, through if I find a well written healthily slow burn romance between the two, or just a strong friendship story then I can enjoy them sometimes. Still very much indifferent to it, and I ship the two with other ships as well.

To any fans who like it then more power to you, and enjoy what you write, but I Probably will still be indifferent to it, through I may possibly write a story with them if it involving their kid, since I have no problem with him or if I want to tell stories in the universes with the good endings.

Despite everything that happened in command I do still like the characters just not in the romantic sense of them together.

Favorite platonic pairings.

Favorite crossover ships, and platonic pairings.

Stories that still a work in progress.

Stories that on hiatus for now.

Harry Potter and the Swat Kats

What adventure awaits young Harry when two unexpected guests show up while the Dursleys are away on a business trip.
On Chapter 2 (On hiatus as of right now)
Chapter 1 rewritten.

Harry Potter and the enchanted castle
A.U. Many years ago there was a land filled with life, one day seven warriors came and built a castle. This castle had been filled with light but one day the warriors disappeared and a curse fell over the land leaving it, in the realm of darkness. Centuries later a child appears, will this child break the curse or will he be forever trapped in the land of shadows?
On Chapter 2 (On hiatus as of right now)

No I'm not very much planning on discontinuing these stories I just need to grow, to learn and write better so I can very much feel like I can do these stories the real justice that their deserve. Sorry I am taking very long, and most likely I will end up rewriting the chapters so they can be great stories.

Possible future projects.

A master of death Harry Potter series.
this a mass series of stories showing Harry going to many different universes.

Twisted destinies.
It's a mass au crossover project between eleven series, and it has all the characters adventure complete alter thanks to a new destiny that they only hope that they can overcome.

A web of stories series.
this is a series where there is a tons of mega crossover share universes that makes up a quasiverse of multiverses each other fill infinite universe with each other story in them some base off of what ifs, and many different ideas.

A fool by any other name.
A persona 5 Au.

Possible Future one-shots.

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