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Hey everyone, I guess I'm supposed to tell you a bit about myself here. Well here it goes.

Name: not important

Age: university

Height: 5 foot 9 ( my sister's 3'' taller than me and she's 2 1/2 years younger, it's not fair!)

Personality: I use to be shy and quiet but I finally got over that. I love to talk now! I'm usually hyper and paranoide. Not a good combination. It's all my friends fault.

Fav. foods: Sugar, especially chocolate, pizza (all meat)

Food dislikes: sea food, peanut butter, and the list goes on and on. I'm a picky eater.

Hobbies: watching TV, reading, drawing, and writing. (too lazy to do anything else)

Animes: Fullmetal Alchemist, Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny, Gundam Wing, Loveless, Bleach, InuYasha, Ghost in the Shell, Naruto, Dragonball Z, and Eureka 7. Right now I'm completly obssesed with Gundam Wing.

Non-Animes: Stargate SG1 & Atlantis, Moonlight, Andromeda, Medium, NCIS, and Lost

Manga: FMA and GSD

Music: I'll listen to just about anything as long as it's fast and got a good beat.

Fav. pairings: Roy/Ed, Ed/Envy, Roy/Riza, InuYasha/Kagome, Sesshomaru/Kagome, Miroku/Sango, Athrun/Cagallie, Mwe/Marrue, Kira/Athrun, Bato/Motoko

Hated pairings: Ed/Al, InuYasha/Kikyo, Kira/Lacus


Life is like a sewer... what you get out of it depends on what you put into it.

To be loved is to be fortunate, but to be hated is to achieve distinction.

Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to.

If at first you don't succed destroy all evidence that you tried.

Smile, and the world will smile with you. Laugh and they'll think you're on drugs.

If at first you don't succed, cheat, repeat until caught and then lie.

Don't piss me off. I'm running out of places to hide the bodies.

Don't play stupid with me... I'm better at it!

Growing old is inevitable... growing up is optional.

Isn't it funny how the word "politics" is made up of the words "poli" meaning 'many' in Latin, and "tics" as in 'blood sucking creatures'.

Isn't it scary that the word "therapist" is the same as the words 'the' and 'rapist' put together.

Diplomacy is the art of telling someone to go to Hell so elegantly he packs for the trip. War is the simpler matter of bringing Hell to him.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Those who do learn from it are doomed to make new mistaked and those who only learn certain things are doomed to do both.

Rules of engagement: Talk first. Run second. When all else fails, shoot the bastard.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

Been there, liked it, conquered it, got bored with it, blew it up, moved on.

I never did durgs, my dreams are frightening enough. ~M.C. Escher

I don't do drugs, I am drugs. ~Salvador Dali

Okay I'm going to do something slightly illegal now, so you just look the other way for a sec.

A good friend would bail you out of jail. A TRUE friend would be right there next to you saying , Damn that was fun.

My logic may defy logic, but it sure makes sense to me.


Even in the darkest of suffering a man can sleep, but for the man who inflicts the suffering his mind can not rest, ever

Revenge is a beast that begets itself and solves nothing, it only leads to more pain.

Maes Hughes, killed in action and promoted two ranks for it. Brigadier General Hughes. You were supposed to work under me, help to push me to the top. Now here you are surpassing me in the ranks. I don't know what's more absurd, you or the State. (Roy Mustang, FMA)

MH: Hey, I've go a message from Roy.
EE: You mean the Colonel?
MH: He said, (dropping his voice lower to imitate Mustang) "Don't die under my command; your enough of a pain without the paperwork." That was it.
EE: Tell him fine, there's no way I'm dying before you do, you morally bankrupt Colonel with a God complex.

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