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Music- Anything by the youtube group NerdOUt, specifically the Dragonblade and the Reaper

Fav game- Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege

Fav fics- gonna do a top 5, in order of fav top to bottom

1 A Nightingales Song by AdmirableProcrastinator: A Teen Titans FanFiction

2 Teen Titans: One of four Elements/ Two of Four Elements bye NeoNazo356: A Teen Titans FanFiction

3 New Game by whitworth5274: An Overwatch FanFiction

4 Rainbow Six Siege: The Unsung Hero by kingeddie16ne: A Rainbow Six Siege FanFiction

5 Failure by TrenchReader7: An Overwatch FanFiction

In truth, all of the stories I favorite are amazing, and if you do read em, tell em where they were found. Also, if you read and like one of my top 5, tell me which ones your favorite.

Fav color combination- Black and red. Black Primary, Red Secondary


RIP Kobe Bryant

August 23 1978, January 26 2020.


If you are reading this. Thanks for clicking on my profile. But what im gonna say is something that hits me hard. Mini Ladd was a huge part of my life growing up. I would always watch his videos when he uploaded, would always like the vids, the whole shebang. But, as some of you may know, he recently got accused of sexual conduct with a minor. And, what's worse, he admitted to it. It feels... weird. Knowing that a huge part of my life, some of my best memories of the internet, are forever going to be twisted. Because of what he did, and who he was BEHIND the screen. I'm not one to attack others. I'm not one to witch hunt. And that's not what im doing. But if you have EVER had something like this happen to you. If you have ever had an adult attempt, prompt, solicit, or FORCE, anything sexual on you. Please. Tell someone you trust. If it's outside of the family, tell your mom or dad. If it's inside the family, tell your school counselor or the police. I guarantee you SOMEONE will do something. I doubt anyone's ever gonna read this. And if someone does read this, I doubt it's gonna help them. But if it does, then I'm glad.

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