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Followers of Sweet Decadence - I've currently fallen into a different fandom, which is Harry Potter. It will be a while until I come back to this story. I apologize - my muse is a bit tired for this story at the current moment.

I'm the original author for Rainfall, otherwise known as Raindrops and Dewdrops. I deleted the story once because it brought back memories of an old friend that I'm no longer close with. It became a sore reminder which I wanted to delete its existence. But a loyal reader mentioned she loved the story and I decided not to let my feelings get in the way of that.

~June 11, 2020

Hello, I'm back from the clutches of the Harry Potter fandom and with it I bring some new skills. I have recently watched Haikyuu! and now I'm going to dive head first into that fandom. expect lots of censor smut from me. If you want the uncensored smutty goodness, please check my Ao3 account by the same name!

~ January 22, 2021

Ao3 Account: Dr_Dawdler

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