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Hi! I am a long-haired girl, I like to imagine a lot of stuff, I am an adventurous and very curious girl, I keep a lot of secrets and a very...interesting girl...

My aim is to write many many stories as I can...and to achieve that I have to work my way from the top!

I am the one who wrote Chronicles of GAIA: resurrection of the maiden...

I am not a very active girl nor a shy girl, I just try to be myself and try not to run away from my relatives that are procisely strange... and I have a very srange brother...he thinks he's cool when he's not, he plays guitar and reacts to it when it is broken...sigh I just hope I can survive myself for the next15 years...

I am 12 years old, I like to play volleyball with my friends, like to read stories from geronime stilton and likes to read mangas. I can sometimes be a scaredy-cat when it comes to ghosts and roaches...I like to chat with my friends and text my cousins or friends.

I have my cousin, jamie, using the same account (I dont know why...) but its kinda fun! she wrote the story "out there" please leave her a review she's kinda desperate...

anywayz...I'm really addicted to japanese songs, If too addicted I memorize it, I download my songs in limewire (for those who are addicted to japanese songs download now in limewire!!) My father studied in japan when he was young and when he came back to philippines he taught all the things I need to know about japan...about how the spring time is magnificent when cherry bloosoms blooms...and how every street in tokyo have manga stands everywhere (sweet!!) and how the sunset sets over the mountains and how smooth the sand goes in okinawa...he even taught me how to speak nihongo.

My mentor, aiko, she used to live in japan too, but decided to stay here in philippines because she doesnt want to leave her friends ( sweet...) she also taught me how to play chess, how to use the computer, how to even play xox (hehe...) she even taugh me how to draw my first anime...(the old days...) but now we moved to a diff. place since I couldnt concentrate with my studies over there...(sob) we still contact each other using e-mails, ym and celphones (oh technology...) oh I.I miss her, still I still visit her, I heard she went back to japan since she graduated from school...and I didnt had a chance to say goodbye...




Teen Titans (if possible to be anime)

Prince of tennis

Shigoku Shoujo

Kyou Kara Maou

Rurouni Kenshin

Full Metal Alchemist

full Metal Panic

YuYu Hakusho

Gakuen alice

Gundam Seed (any kind...destiny or stargazer...)


I also have dog name zoeyzander alana for short zander but I call him baby...He is so cute and irresistable (swear) If you want to see my proof then visit me in my friendster!

My friendster is narutolover28@

YM is addic2naruto4eva@

My celphone number is (smart) 09208463066

call / text me if you want to ask me something or need any advices...

My fave pairings:

naruto-sasusaku, nejisaku, gaasaku, naruhina

PoT-ryosaku, ryosakufuji

Teen Titans-robin and starfire

Kyou kara maou-yuriwolfram

Gakuen Alice-mikannatsume, (sometimes) mikanruka


FMP-kaname and sosuke

GS (any...)-lacus and kira, athrun and cagali, miriallia and dearca, shin and stellar...etc.

I am a pure filipina insult my country or my culture then prepare to die!!

nuriko-chan28 or amethyst_hime04 signing off...

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