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CURRENT PROJECT: Writing final chapters of my trilogy sequel to Claudia Gray's Lost Stars: Star Wars - Journey to the Force Awakens.
Book #1: Love's Stars - Completed - link below. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12872852/1/Love-s-Stars-Book-1-in-The-Stars-Trilogy
Book #2: Dark Stars - Completed - link below. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12918039/1/Dark-Stars-Book-2-in-The-Stars-Trilogy
Book #3: Eternal Stars - In Progress (nearing completion) - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13003079/1/Eternal-Stars


AUTHOR'S MUSINGS - Feel free to laugh AT me. I do.

I wish I had a Beta reader.

I'd never written anything until I was 48. I was one foot in the insane asylum from a busy career as a private healthcare practice owner when I read Lost Stars by Claudia Gray. I absolutely loved it, but she left us hanging at the end. And then she got diverted to other projects and wasn't planning to return to Lost Stars. I got this bright idea that if she wasn't going to continue the story, I could just imagine what happens for myself. I started writing for my own enjoyment. I lost myself in it at night and on weekends. Then my friend told me about Fan Fiction and I lost myself again by reading stories in this happy world of imagination. Finally, I got up the nerve to post my work. It was such a nervous thrill and a wonderful distraction.

However, looking back on the first story I wrote, Love's Stars, I can now see - with immense humor - hundreds of things a Beta Reader would have caught. Like the fact that:

1. My characters shrug all the time. If they open their mouths they are shrugging. If they aren't opening their mouths they are shrugging.

2. And they "pause for a moment" pretty much... well, every other moment. They pause before talking, walking, responding... they are definitely not efficacious with their time.

3. And the crying! Talk about emotional instability! Eyes are watery, brimming with tears, welled up with tears, glistening, leaking tears, tears stream down their faces... Good Lord! I should have written a character who was a bonafide shrink. These folks don't seem to be able to handle anything without crying.

4. Then there is the old "brow furrow" thing. I'm tempted to inject every character I have with Botox.

5. Everything happens in 30 minutes. "Thirty minutes later (fill in the blank). And, let's be honest, some things should always take longer than thirty minutes. My poor characters are running around trying to fight wars, fly across the galaxy, fix star fighters, sneak around giant compounds full of troopers, have a little hanky panky... and their idiot writer make them do everything in THIRTY MINUTES!

Still, I am glad I found this creative outlet and gave myself and other fans a way to continue the journey in the event Claudia Gray never returns to the series.

But if I don't find a Beta Reader soon, I'm not sure I should continue to inflict more of my unpolished and untrained writing on the Fan Fiction universe. It would help if the thousands of readers I see visiting and reading would "pause for a moment" (definitely not "30 minutes") and just type something - anything - as long as it is polite. Just a quick phrase to say what they like or don't like - anything would be helpful. I'd even be grateful to have typos and errors pointed out. It's difficult to edit your own work.

In the meantime, I will hold on to my faith. The Force will bring me a Beta Reader if it is meant to be!

Happy reading as I wrap up the series!


- Cyndy

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