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Name is a Secret if you try hard enough you will figure it out

Fanfics are Criminal Minds, Hunger Games, and Avatar The Last Airbender

I am terrible with coming up names

I am back and ready to go maybe 2.0? Idk I'm just here sometimes

Tributes for Make or break: The 49th Annual Hunger Games

District 1

Female: Brielle Storm 18 (The NovelingNovelist)

Male: Concord Radiance 18 (FoxFox12)

District 2

Female: Bellona Caccia Tzar 18 (Ranger's Scop)

Male: Tyr Zahnft Shah 18 ( Ranger's Scop)

District 3

Female: Bugg Li 14 (CragmiteBlaster)

Male: Pascal Clarence 15 (Lionkingfactguy3)

District 4

Female: Kendall Maris 17 ( Team Shadow)

Male: Dylan Cove 18 (Lionkingfactguy3)

District 5

Female: Arin Gilligan 15 (Frenchie is French)

Male: Brax Henwick 17 (Frenchie is French)

District 6

Female: Barbara Peren 16 ( Team Shadow)

Male: Capricorn Makus 14 (Readermaster)

District 7

Female: Wren Oakfield 17 ( haydesx)

Male: Aspen Evergreen 16 ( Ravensongforever)

District 8

Female: Leah Velvet 12 (FoxFox 12)

Male: Woolworth Saint-Cloud 15 (CragmiteBlaster)

District 9

Female: Marigold Caden 13 (Smiley)

Male: Mason Garnett 17 (no-role-models)

District 10

Female: Bones (CragmiteBlaster)

Male: Haylo Molto Ranons 12 (Ranger's Scop)

District 11

Female: Amira Fieldaton 17 ( Lionkingfactguy3)

Male: Uriah Winter 13 ( No-role-models)

District 12

Female: Annie Gris 15 (Team Shadow)

Male: Kolten Gray 18 (Ravensongforever)


Review=5 PTS Follow story= 5 PTS

1 tribute=5PTS 2 tributes = 10 PTS 3 tributes =15 PTS


Pint of water (1-2 days) =30PTS Gallon of water( 2-5)=65PTS

Food (small items like apples, crackers, beef sticks, just let me know when you submit the request) = 20PTS

Small weapon= 35 PTS Big Weapon= 70 PTS

Minor medicine= 40 PTS Lifesaving medicine= 100 PTS

People with points

FoxFox12= 10PTS RavensongForever= 25PTS HTMLfreak=60PTS

No-role-models=15PTS lionkingfactsguy3=55PTS CragmiteBlaster=125PTS

Ranger’s Scop=85 PTS Readermaster= 20Pts Teamshadow=115 PTS

Smiley111=95PTS Haydex=15pts Princess6464=10PTS Very new to this= 180 PTS

This is all up for discussion. This is my first Story so I am curious to see how this pans out. Let me know what everyone thinks of this and if you like to see any changes

Tributes in Games

Indie Rayne 15 D12 Female in Stories of Skill: The 23rd Hunger Games By SilverflowerXRavenpaw

Tributes in the Arena


Tributes that have fallen

Milos Rayne 28 D8 Male in The Victors: The 75th Hunger Games Place 23/24

Porter Crane 15 D9 Male in Descent into Madness: The fifty-seventh-Hunger-Games by LadyCordeliaStuart 17/24

Mikeo Nunez 17 D8 Male in Venus-75th Hunger Games from SexyBonBon 8/24

Lorenk Pritchett 16 D9 Male in Cut Through Their Sides and Rip off Their Hides: The 21st Hunger Games from SilverflowerXRavenpaw Place 6/24

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