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7-30-08: Whiskey River is on hiatus until I can either come up with something or get my notes. Which are on a disk. In another country! headdesk It may be awhile. On the other hand, I am roughing out a Naruto fic. Just a FYI. Nobody panic, I'm not dead yet!

Real Life is continuing to be difficult. Updates may be sporadic at best. Let's hope I can update more than once or twice this year.

I hope to, at some point, complete all my other stories. When, exactly that will happen, I don't know. I am currently in school and working, so time is limited.

Some authors may say, "Don't harass me about incomplete stories." I am not one of these authors. I tend to get caught up in the real world, but I do occasionally need a bit of a prod to update. Who knows, that prod may give me the idea that gets over whatever writer's block I have on a particular story. So, while I don't mind and even welcome the occasional, "Hey when are you going to update thus-and-such story" don't abuse it, please. Else I may become the writer who says ,"Damnit! Quit harassing me about the fic!" _ Also, updates and scribbles are posted to my LJ before they get here. This is for beta read stuff. Enjoy the fics.

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