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Rinjou normally means "visit, presence". And yeah, I am finally visiting the world of fanfiction after peeking at it from afar for a long time.

But what I really had in mind there was a made-up word 林娘 for "forest" and "girl, daughter". Also a play on my real name.

So, my first attempt is a Vision of Escaflowne fic called Vis Arcana, which is what I plan on concentrating on, at least until it's finished. It's a project I already had in mind for years and it has only grown in size! However, please be patient, it's me alone against that monster for now.

I plan to have it illustrated a bit, so that version will probably appear elsewhere later.

However, I have already made a blog for it, which will hold all I will research, contemplate, draw, or use as an inspiration for this story: h t t p s: / / visarcana (dot) tumblr (dot) com

Needless to say, I will check the messages/asks/reviews over there as well as here, so if you have something on your mind, please don't ever hesitate to throw it at me however you like.

Please note that this is in fact an old account and the favs have been placed more than ten years ago. I have not read much fanfiction since then to be quite honest, but I'm keeping them for old times' sake.

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