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My name is Samantha and I’m obsessed with Twilight.

Its kinda funny how I read Twilight ... I was at the library and my friend had to leave early, but she forgot to put Twilight back, so I saw it on the table and recognized it because I saw my other friend reading it and she said it was a really good book, so I decided to check it out and read it. I read like 200 pages in one night brought it to school with me, and read it all during class and lunch and even, to my embarrassment, while I was walking home.

That’s my Twilight story, but I mean I guess if you wanna know more about me... um, I play the piano and flute, I take tap, jazz and ballet, and I’m supposed to be in track... but I THINK I quit. I’m not sure.

Anyway, I don't think I’ll write anything, cuz I’m not brave enough, and writing isn't exactly one of my talents. I usually get B's in English and I don't really expect anything more from myself, cuz, I’m not very creative when I comes to filling-up a blank sheet of paper in a way that pleases my audience-the teacher. But... I am very good at reading Twilight almost to the point of memorization, not that I have, but I think if I read one more time, I’ll be able to recite it strait through, except for the part at First Beach, I don’t like that part, so I don’t read it as much.

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