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I am Goji House, I like anything Godzilla, Jurassic Park/World, Loud House, HTTYD, Coraline, Boxtrolls, Total Drama, Kubo, Attack On Titan, Disney, and Pixar, I am looking forward to your thoughts on my fanfictions!!

No seriously, I'm a desperate little boi.

Godzilla OCs

Rajin Goji: Rajin is a species of Godzilla named Gojira Legendarius, known as the strongest kaiju on Earth(Or so he thought). He looks very similar to the 2019 Godzilla with red dorsal plates and spikes on his jaw like that of Godzilla Earth's. His 457-meter wingspan gives him the ability to fly, his tail can morph into weapons like a club tail of an Ankylosaur, spiked tail for stabbing, his natural whiplike tail, and a tail with a face in it, used for surprise attacks. Like all Godzillas, Rajin has atomic breath, his being primarily red. He has gained the ability to use other types of atomic beams such as the "Slicing Breath", used to slice through skin, buildings, and vibranium. Another is the "Gas Breath", a blinding attack, this can be used with the atomic breath similar to how a Hideous Zippleback uses its two heads to breathe and ignite it. The final breath is " Hell's Fire", claimed to be hotter than normal fire and comes from Hell. (175m)

Fuji Goji: Fuji is the aunt of Rajin Goji, she is the species known as Gojira Shingennis, unlike her nephew, she bears no wings, like his son, she can also morph tails, scythe tail, ankylosaur club tail, a gripping tail like that of Pacific Rim's Otachi, she looks similar to the Heisei Godzilla, due to being the same species, her back and dorsal plates are a yellow color, her arms, knees, are also yellow, Her atomic breath is highlighter yellow, just as strong as Heisei's Godzilla's spiral atomic breath. Also, like her son, she has Hell's Fire.(160m)

Hidajin Goji: Hidajin is Rajin's uncle father, his species is known as Gojira Legendarius, the same as his nephew. His mother and father were different species, his mother being a Raptoricus and his father being a Legendarius, which technically makes him a hybrid. He bears no wings and cannot morph tails. His atomic breath isn't as strong as his nephew's but it makes up in force, able to send kaiju flying. His dorsal plates are orange in color along with his claws and spots on his knees. He also bears the same chin and head spikes as Rajin. (169m)

Other OCs/Fan Interpretations

Indiana/Indy: Indiana is a Vastatodominus Rex, a super hybrid between Indominus Rex and Vastastosaurus Rex. Most of her body resembles the Vastastosaurus while her arms are much longer and tipped with long claws. Unlike her friend, Rajin, she bears no elemental powers and relies on her camouflage and intelligence to defeat her foes. She is concurrently the only Vastatodominus Rex created. Her large size is due to radiation exposure from Titans after escaping the laboratory she was kept it in. (162m)

Grand Ghidorah: Grand Ghidorah or Grant is the older brother of King Ghidorah living on planet Ghidrah( Heed-drah) until he sensed his brother's defeat on Earth in 2019. Grant's appearance the exact same as Ghidorah before his defeat by Godzilla, the only thing telling them apart is Grant's larger size, voice, and scars.(197m)

Gigaton/Giganto: Gigaton is the mate of Indiana and is a kaiju sized Giganotosaurus. Most of his body is red with a yellow stripe running down the side. His underside is a tan color while spikes run down from his head to his tail.(160m)

Sty: Sty is a kaiju sized, orange Styracosaurus than has a habit of overeating. He tries his best to lose that extra weight but usually picks it back up sooner rather than later. (150m)

Brock: Brock is a kaiju-sized Brachiosaurus, while he's much taller than his friends, he's very small for his species, which bothers him greatly. His skin is grey with a whip-like tail and yellow eyes.(199m)

Bluestreak/Blu: Bluestreak is a kaiju-sized Velociraptor with an optimistic attitude, which is sometimes annoying to others. She is the soon-to-be mate of Slash. She is a lab experiment and the "daughter" of Grimlock. While most of her body is grey, she has blue feathers on the side of her head, arms, and tail.(90m)

Slash: Slash is a kaiju sized Velociraptor with a hot-head attitude, a clear opposite of Bluestreak. His body is orange with black tiger stripes all over his body and bears no feathers, yet his plumage will come in soon. (90m)

Rexodus/Rex: Rexodus is a kaiju-sized Tyrannosaurus and the mate of Rexanne. With the exception of Brock, he is the tallest of the group. When Rajin is away, he is in charge of keeping everyone safe. His skin is dark green and has tiger stripes like Slash. (187m)

Rexanne/Rexy: Rexanne is a kaiju-sized Tyrannosaurus and the mate of Rex. She is the third tallest out of the group and plans to have a child, much to the dismay of Rex. Her skin resembles that of Rexy from the Jurassic Park franchise. (185m)

Allofang/Grampa Allo: Allofang is a kaiju sized Allosaurus and the adoptive father of Indiana. He is usually very nervous about his friends and even more worried about his daughter. He is usually referred to as Grampa Allo due to his old age and usage of "Back in my days" or "You young whippersnappers". His skin is a light green with a few scars. (170m)

Grimlock/Grimm: Grimlock is a kaiju sized mechanical Tyrannosaurus and is the resident scientist of the group. While technically a robot, his preferred pronoun his " he". He has the ability to transform into a dinosaur form and into an Autobot-like form where his dinosaur head splits open and reveals his actual face. His body is the same color as the merchandise for the Transformer's incarnation of the character.(170-184m)

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