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I absolutely adore Harry Potter slash (as well as HP in general), particularly...

- Sirius/Remus (Always adorable, and often unbelievably hot!)

- Harry/Draco (Power struggle, with sparks flying!)

- Severus/Remus (very occasionally)

I love the British band McFly and all their slashy antics!! Pudd Love and Flones are just 'awww' worthy!

Doctor Who is just brilliant.

- Doctor/Rose

- Doctor/Jack

- Doctor/Master (It's just hot- David Tennant & John Simm together? sighh)

My newest obsession is the UK tv program MERLIN!! It is fantastically awesome, not too mention the subtext of it all!

- Arthur/Merlin (It is seriously just too too too hot.)

and their real life counter parts Bradley James/Colin Morgan

All of my obsessions are currently British. Slightly odd considering I live in Australia!

They clearly just make better tv than Aus does!!

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