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Hello everyone!

I've been reading fanfiction for years avidly and finally putting the ones I have written on here.

I'm 28, an avid outdoors woman and traveller, which is how I ended up living abroad even though I'm an American. Since almost all my favorite fandoms I write in are originally British I apologize in advance for using the American lexicon.

We will see what all I end up doing, but I have stories for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice, Good Omens, and Beauty and the Beast. I like challenges so if someone wants something written I will do my best.

I am very happy to recieve constructive critisim but flames for the sake of flames will be ignored.

I will also model myself after one of my all-time favorite FF authors, Loten, and will not post a story unless I have at least a rough draft completed. The only exception to that is I might post a first chapter to see if anyone is interested in reading it. I will note it if I do that.

I speak Spanish and Italian as well and welcome reviews in both languages if that is more comfortable for you to review in. I am also happy to use google translate for other languages.

Hope to hear from you all!

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