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My pen name is Ash Cole. I have been writing since I was seventeen when I enrolled in a creative writing course in High School. After auditioning at Texas Wesleyan University I decided to major in Theatre Arts. I received my B.A. degree in the year of 2000 at University of North Texas. I got the privilege to study acting in New York and studied creative writing on my own. I lived in Manhattan during 2001-02 and unfortunately experienced 9/11. That day changed my life. What was I doing in New York? I was studying at The New School University with the Actors Studio Drama School's MFA program Inside the Actors Studio. At the time this MFA program was part of the school. I got to sit in and listen to the following actors interview with Dean James Lipton: Bruce Willis, Sissy Spacek, Debra Winger, Will Smith, Samuel L. Jackson, Ian McKellen, Ben Kingsley, Johnny Depp, Ethan Hawke, Kevin Costner and many more talented actors, stars and icons. It was the best year ever.

My favorite style of writing is contemporary like Jack Kerouack, Allen Gingsberg, Kurt Vonnegut. I'm a big fan of Earnest Miller Hemingway, Franz Kafka and Berltolt Brecht.

I love creative drama and all forms of storytelling. You will learn that much of my writing consist of screenplays, plays, and short stories. So far, I have completed three novels which are The Untitled (C) (2003), The Entitled (2004) The Theif's Story (2005). I am currently thinking about a new novel. I have written short stories, plays and screenplays. I have much saved and have provided some of the books on site. I don't really do crossover stories, but if the story reminds me of another story I will select it. I mostly post under miscellaneous stories.

Also, I write poetry.

I hope my fiction ignites your creative juices and inspires. I aspire to inspire, before I expire. I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. I once lived on the outskirts in a little town called Crowley, wife my ex wife Sara and our five cats Romeo Spike Emerson III aka Romeow, Itsy, Sugar, Achilles, Squeek. Sugar just had seven babies (so make that twelve cats.) Good reading. I have lived in Fort Worth, TX most of my life. I have also lived in Long Beach, CA and NYC.

As of 2011. I'm now divorced from Sara and have only two cats Romeo Spike Emerson III and, his healthy portly offspring Mojo, sometimes I call him Mojo Nixon (a black cat with a single spot on his chest). I lost Itsy (my one eyed Tonkinese) to my ex during the separation in February 2011 and the other cats were given away to non-kill animal shelters or the Humane Society.

I still write poetry. I feel poetry requires true inspiration and must be drawn from a sincere place within. I think poetry comes from a hidden place and sometimes it's within and sometimes its inside us and other times around us. Nature should be part of it but I lately I turn to everyday items in life and sometimes I use what I hear people say or do. Somtimes its simply a scene. I read one poem on Daily Poetry that was nearly a short story. I like that kind of poetry. Poetry that speaks out and simply tells a story.

How has theatre helped me as a writer?

On theatre and writing. It came be a time consuming mix. Each feeds the other.

On acting and writing.

I think writing helps actors as well as acting helps writers. Experiencing how a story is created helps the actor appreciate the writing profession. On the flip side, experience the life of the character helps the writer value his or her story.

A craft is defined as an art, trade or an occupation requiring a special skill. Acting is more physical than writing. I acknowledge that acting can be considered both an art and a craft. I understand why it is considered a craft. It is a craft because the imagination and body are used to represent the life of the story. The writer uses words to tell a story. The actor breathes life into words. In early times stories where told orally and the actor and writer existed as the same. Sanford Meisner is quoted for saying that acting is, "living truthfully under imaginary circumstances."

Nowadays, both acting and writing still demand special skills. Both are considered trades and many today exist as both actor and writer.

Writing a story mostly comes from the imagination. Both writers and actors use their imaginations but for different purposes. The writer tells the story and creates a world while the actor acts it out and creates a character. Both worlds are closely related but not exactly the same. In many cases each storyteller builds a character. In doing this the process takes preparation and constant creation.

Each worlds are constant and never let up. Its hard to keep up with the writing world and it's harder to mix the two. The process of theatre and rehearsals can eat up the time of a story. I know some have wrote books and still found the courage to go back to the theatre or film.

I still dream about it and will always love theatre and film and always will be dedicated to its endless possibilities.

I recently moved to Maine with Romeo and Mojo. Now I am working on a fictional piece based on experiences here. I have grown closer to Christ and feel many of my past stories are now testimonies.

Hopefully, I might able to move back to LA and pursue a new career in acting and possibly writing. I am praying I'll be able to teach and share my experiences with younger students. Its tough out there today and I think people with the most experiences make the greatest teachers. Teachers make great writers. I think actors can make pretty damn good storytellers and writers too.

At times I feel actors and writers are like night and day. There is a dichotomy between the two and living the life of both may seem impossible but it is not. Some of the greatest stories have been told by actors, whether the actors wrote them or not.

I consider myself an actor at heart with the storyteller always in mind.

I feel the best actors are storytellers that have experienced the hunt. The hunt can be things they have conquered in life, or actually hunting experiences or really any experience. We are always hunting or gathering something. It could be a new career, or a new idea, entrepreneurship, travel, technology, history, science, physical or spiritual. It can by any experience and in any moment a story can pop up and take over.

I was once told in a theatre history class that primitive man first performed theatre around other hunters, tribesmen and people in their clan. It became an ancient ritual. Storytelling started this way. It was with the hunter sitting or dancing around the campfire revealing and telling how he or she experienced the hunt. So the hunt is just as important as the story.

I wonder if the internet can be compared to the campfire. We are all sitting around the campfire that is connected and shines all through out the world. The world wide web as campfire. Hm. I would say it is a very complex campfire and does help us share information and stories just as the old campfire helped us see the storyteller and his or her actions.

So can this lead to ritual and theatre? Some feel prehistoric ritual, storytelling and origins of theatre reflected pleasure, power and duty. The pleasure of the hunt, the power of conquest or making it within society, and the duty to our God, tribe or the values of society. Lately, I've been reviewing an old Oscar G. Brocket theatre history text book. So it all leads to storytelling rather you act it our or just write it down or vice verse or at the same time.

Fanfiction is kind of a campfire I've been able to sit around with others and share stories. I get excited when someone comments on a story of mine. Its cool they read it because its usually never a cross-over.

I hope to gain more experiencing in educational field and hope to use storytelling, acting and writing to teach.

I have learned that with God's help anything is possible.

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