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Change of SN again but keeping the 'lilith' portion since "buloy-chan" apparently doesn't like IceDarkness.

I'm not a author of any kind like all those other wonderful authors who writes on this site...I just merely love reading what others are able to conjure up with their creativity by putting them into writing...

I'm too lazy to come up or attempt to write my own stories when I can just sit back and read others' creations...or whatever draws my attention...

I'm just a regular Grade-A procrastinating student who reads anything and finds any aspects that relates to the human anatomy, mind, and issues of death intriguing especially when I'm surrounded by it on a daily bases at work...

Currently I'm mainly hooked on any story that pertains to Kagome and her being paired with Sesshomaru or with any one in crossover stories...basically I'll almost read anything with her in it except for stories that pairs her with Inuyasha (I just can't visualize them being together...or probably I just find Inuyasha's personality not to my liking... shrugs)

What I find annoying from authors: Massive gramatical error and when they insert comments that states if they should end the chapter there. If you're going to end it then DANG IT END IT!

All you authors who are on my Favorite Authors/Stories list...YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! I really enjoy your writings...


Kizu" by: Murasaki K

I don't really know what to write for this one I just love it. Plus how often do you read a story where the child-innocent hime transitions into a gradually strengthen female samurai? She isn't hardcore or all powerful suddenly. This story shows the developmental stage of growth and how one's social interaction and nurturing ultimately shapes one's life.

Although she has experience a fair amount of lost and grief she retains her naivety. But soon as she is exposed to the gruesome reality of two discriminate species (ningen & youkai), her morals and ethical values are questioned. What is right or wrong...what’s injustice or fair? As she serves a youkai lord in an environment where the dominant species is not her own she begins to struggle with accepting the hard truth of cruelty, power, death, and warfare. How is this suppose 'somewhat pampered' & well-trained hime in swordsmenship cope with her own beliefs and that of the youkai society?

Until Death" by: Lil'JJ

"Until Death is truly a sorrowful and touching story. The author's writing causes so many varieties of emotions to arise upon its readers. I'm positive that many readers/authors will equally enjoy this as I have. If you want a tear-jerking story then this is one that will bring tears to your eyes.

These two stories really moved me. So touching and sorrowful with a touch of dread and longing as each chapter and events progresses.

Higurashi Cicada" by: Ninja Rikku

Plain and simple...the genre and structure of the story is just fantastic and the heroine's musing is quite interesting and evokes empathy towards her persona in general. It weaves images in regards to the heroine's emotions and how her peers and social interaction influences and effects her. Additionally, it breaches the issue of traditional practice and social norms in the modern era.

Mors Mortis Miko Jag-o-mite

(I've been meaning to comment something on this story for a while but never found the time or remembered to do so.)

Insanity at its best. This is basically a psychological action comedic thriller. It revolves around a tortured soul being punished by Death himself to repent for her egocentric desire. With grief and anguish she desired the revival existence of those she has lost. From this one-tracked yearning she deprived Death of his reaps. Jumping from one dimension to another she begins to lose herself to memories of her past as she chases those whom were once connected to it.

From my personally perspective, this is by far the best multi-crossover story I have read. Instead of having multitude of characters from different anime/manga bunched into one subsequent genre this is well separated and structured. Every dimensional jump is interrelated to the heroine’s past history, self-condemnation, and eccentric behaviors. You’ll find that you’re practically off your seat as you the reader become draw into the heroine’s cognition, mental state, and emotions. At times you’ll sympathize and understand her actions but at other times you’ll be drawn into confusion and bewilderment. This story actually challenges your minds to view every event in different outlooks as they’re revealed before your mind’s eyes.

"Her insanity IS her reality. With this in mind, will you see her actions as madness or reason? How do you see the situation at hand as your intrigue and imagination head into each chapter?"


Aspects of Art" by: BrokenSouledPoetess

This story is just too good. It has excellent mixtures of multiple characters from different animes and highly amusing. This is a great read that many will enjoy. Hopefully a new chapter will be posted soon.

K a z o k u « « by: m o o g l e d a i m e

No words can discribe how much I enjoy/love this story. It's just a must read. The whole genre of the story is quite refreshing with each chapter. If you want a gratifying and excellent story to read then this is the one. You won't be disappointed.

Perpetual Misdemenors by: Shiori Abarai-Sohma

Clarissa-chan is such an amusing writer whom always has the ability to completely change the reader's perception about the scenes and the character personas with each chapter and character interactions. When the reader actually begins to absorb and visualize that certain events that has impacted and has occurred, prior evoked emotions are complete extinguished and replaced with another before it acutally gets a chance to take root. So many times as the reader reading each progressing chapter, the author's writing creates a sense of impressed amusement and curiosity towards which is truly the fasle or actual protrayal to the different characters' persona and demeanor.

Water Falls by: buloy

Buloy-chan's writing is just too good and greatly loved. The story is freakin filled with a shit load of laughs and hilarity and causes curiosity for possible outcome to scenes-to-come. It also causes anticipation towards the reader as they read each scene and the antics that unfolds throughout the chapters before their mind's eye.

A Woman! by: Sugar0o

Although there are adult themes and the author states that it's based on the concept of ‘Mulan’ but as the chapters progress one can see that it rears off into a whole new perspective. This story is a must read. If the scene in the story does not capture your attention then the two main characters’ muses will certainly draw you (the reader) into their emotional dilemmas and conflicted desires. The story will also touch base upon family, honor, love, expected responsibilities and what one does to uphold their family’s name, face, and dignity. As you read throughout each chapter you can’t help but feel empathy and hope for either the heroine or hero’s wellbeing.

Chou Shoki I: Learning from Yesterday by: 4TheLoveOfInu

The story is beautifully written to emphasize key points that leads to the characters’ development and how past and present influence has affected future events and present dilemmas. In accordance, as the development of the story progresses, one cannot help but ponder what is to come and what events will further heighten the story as more unexpected encounters and happenings will come into play around the heroine of this chronicle.

Furthermore, as the writer describes scenes, objects, and reactions they are not overly descriptive. They are detailed but concise to the point where the reader does not feels as though they are reading something overly descriptive, repetitive, and droning. It is well structured and written to incorporate varying degrees of intrigue and interest as the story evolves.


Bishonen'sFoxyMiko /// BrokenSouledPoetess /// buloy /// DeathNoteMaker /// Kagome Taisho /// Pissed Off Irish Chick

ShadowFoxMoon \\\ Uchiha Bitch

Currently these authors come-to-mind when it comes to new and interesting crossovers and attention grabbing genres. These authors have an interesting way to piecing their creativity into stories. You'll definitely find that once you've read to the end of their chapters you may feel satisfied, at ease from laughing to feeling your stress levels reduced (whether you're aware of any anxieties or stress factors that's hindering your current lifestyle or not). Majority of the stories mentioned from these authors consist of one particular genre that will definitely satisfy anyone’s bishonen interest, reverse-harem! Now you have to admit ladies, what girl and maybe some guy doesn't like reading and seeing a cluster of bishies bunched together. DROOLS!

I'll probably add more once I find the time to do so.


Well, it's more along the lines of resembling reading an actual novel/book of sorts. That's the feeling these authors creates and the reader gain much respect and appreciation towards their dedication and time spent writing these stories. I'm not saying that they're the only ones; there are many more authors that evoke gratitude. For me, they actually cause critical thinking, wonderment, and anticipation and cause the reader to write a real feedback in return for the chapter/story(s) they've just read. And I’m not referring to a one, phrase comment; i.e.: “I like this.”, “Update!”, etc, to writing flames that doesn’t address why they like or didn’t like about the story.

Eh... I had to put some thought into this:

4TheLoveOfInu \\\ ancient-relic \\\ cutebaby \\\ ChaoticReverie \\\ Demonlordlover \\\ Densetsuno Youko

GhostOfKenshin /// Jag-o-mite /// Kage Otome /// Murasaki K /// m o o g l e d a i m e /// o K i t s u n E o ///

One Foot Forward \\\ RosieB \\\ ShadowFoxMoon \\\ Shiori Yume \\\ Sugar0o

There's other great stories/authors that I greatly appreciate for their creativity and writings and I'm sure there many more that I have yet to read.

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