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xaikon PM
Joined Apr '06

Hey there lonely Visitor, welcome, take a seat, have a beer :D

When I was young... no. Okay, I'm old - but so are some Mangas, they started when I was your age Kids hohoho, ah just kidding. Praise the Log and proceed.

I've read lots and lots of Fics on this site in the last years. And yes, a few great Authors are really going Places with their Stories. Detailed Works of Art - some, not many.

And the more I'm happy to find one of those rare Diamonds. Kudos to all you good writers out there for bringing me good times ;D

In my mind I have written many Fics, but the lazy fuck that is me won't write them down. But if you have read till this point! You may ask how I like your Idea for some new Story. I like to talk, I carry my heart on my tongue so to say... and I really did read enough Stories to tell a thing or two.

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