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I'm -one years young as my mother's side of the family have been known to say. I was born on the twenty -second of July. I was the youngest of three girl children of my parents. They sort of taught us to regard it as a joke that each of us had five years between us (Better for paying the Doctors bills) Came on this site because I love reading Alternate universe Harry Potter stories. You know the what would have happened if such and such had happened such a way? J.K. Rowling was good in what she chose to write, but did she really have to cause Harry to lose last living links to his parents.?! For that matter, did he have to lose his broom?! (It alone would have come in handy for getting away from Snatchers) And let us not ever forget that even Hedwig died trying to claw her wizard's enemies. Couldn't she have found her way to Harry's cousin?Oh well that's why I love AU and some crossovers.

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