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Hallo, hallo! A little insight into who Emi is...

Name: Durrr! Emi. Also known as Emily, Emiko, Emiri, Nyx, Meme, Ishtar...etc.
Age: Fourteen. Whee. Freshman year at LWHS.
Appearance: Ugh, do I have to do this? I'm 5' 3" tall, weigh around 125 lbs or so...Espresso colored hair with light blonde tips which will soon be white, blue/grey/green eyes...Eyeliner is my friend...AndI like black clothes. Yes. It's cliche. Bite my ass. I can stand wearing some colours, so long as they aren't ZOMG PASTELS!
Month: November
Season: Late autumn or winter.
Band/song: Grrr. In Japanese, it is the astounding "Shiroi Hada Ni Kuruu Ai To Kanashimi No Rondo," by Malice Mizer. In English, it'd be "Vampires Will Never Hurt You," by My Chemical Romance. Yes, I'm a MCR geek.
Musical and/or movie: Okay. Yes. This'll be somewhat cliche as well. But I'm wild over V For Vendetta. Oh my Gods. That movie is wonderful! I cry everytime I watch it, particularly over Valerie's story, and then when V is watching V when she steps into the rain and sees how they are quite the pair - one, baptised by fire. The other, baptised by a storm.
Animal: Domesticated animals would be a caracal. What? They're domesticated in some countries! As for usually wild, wolves.
TV Show: FullMetal Alchemist or Inuyasha. I can't pick between "osuwari!" or "who are you calling a pint sized shrimp who's the size of a bean?"
Book or manga: Favorite book at the moment is "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak, the "V For Vendetta" novelization comes in at a close second. "The Phantom of the Opera" by Gaston Leroux is love - GO READ IT. Favorite manga...? I can't choose. But I know I love Fruits Basket, Othello, Mark of the Succubus, Diabolos, Dramacon, FullMetal Alchemist, Red River, and so many others. I think they need to put up a cot for me in the graphic novel section of the local Barnes & Noble. I practically live there. Doesn't help that it's next to the in-store Starbucks, 'cause...
Food or drink: EEEP! Espresso. I love espresso like woah. Starbucks makes good espresso. My favorite foods cannot be written in a list, though, because I love food so damn much that the list goes on and on. I'll try, though. For Korean food, I love bi bim bap. Indian, lamb bhuna. Thai, thai fried rice. Japanese...oh wow, I can't choose. Italian, baked ziti. German is something I can't choose...One of my favorite cultural drinks is thai iced tea, the only tea besides green that I like. All time favorite soft drink is Coca-Cola. So much better than Pepsi. Mmmm. Coke. I love food.
Random: Vampire stories. Techno/rave/trance. Black lace. Silver jewelry. Classical music. Masks. Corsets. Gloves. Capes. Singing. Dancing. Painting. Drawing. Writing. School, sometimes. My friends. Roleplaying. Polytheism. Bisexuality. Equal rights. FSMism. Reading. Black and white photography. Long skirts. Leather. Spelling. Creativity. Vulgarity.
Pairings: Erik/Christine, Erik/OC, Raoul/Meg. Inuyasha/Kagome, Miroku/Sango, Kouga/Ayame, Sesshoumaru/Kagura, Sesshoumaru/OLDER Rin, Ed/Winry.

If you have a horrible fic and it is in one of my fandoms, yeah, I'll probably flame it, especially when you ask what people think of it. I'm bloodthirsty over spelling. If you can't take the time to spell the words "you" and "are," you should not be writing any kind of fanfiction. If you cannot take the time to spellcheck, you should not be writing fanfiction. Finally, if you are going to write about the past, go look up some facts and use historical accuracy. Don't like it because your fic/"phic" is "zomg so gud lololz!1one!1!", tough luck.

Please note that, because I have polytheistic views, I will often use the phrase "Gods" instead of a singular. Don't get your panties in a twist over it. My view, don't care if you don't like it. You'll live with it. Don't leave a degrading review in one of my fics. All you'll end up doing is pissing me off and possibly getting me to run to the FFnet admin-like people. This is why I won't accept anonymous reviews. I'm also bisexual, which is just another reason for me not to have anonymous reviews. Bigotry disgusts me.Oh, and, also...I don't like chatspeak. Degrading reviews in chatspeak will just be put in my fire pit.


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