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What’s up, my names Alice!


Gender- female

Favorite color-gray or washed out dark purple

Flame type- cloudy sky (80% cloud 100% sky)

Nen type-specialist


I love anime, manga, and Fanfics. I hate people who act ignorant or stupid on purpose though I don’t mind if they really are genuinely ignorant though.

I’m a really big cry baby. I cry super easily at sad parts in movies or when the main character is sad. I’m somewhat bipolar so sorry if my comments or fanfics are a little erratic.

I love strawberry shortcake or generally anything sweet. Especially strawberry ice cream. Yumm!

Favorite anime- katekyo hitman reborn or hunter x hunter

I hated khr at first because tsuna was annoying as hell but after the Kokuyo arc it got way better!:) I’m totally in love with kyoya and reborn! I totally don’t mind getting bitten to death. And reborn just an adorable little sadist, plus his adult form is hot.

hunter x hunter (classic and 2011) is probably my all time favorite anime! I mean I was (am) obsessed with it! Hisoka is just yumm. Killua is adorable. How can someone be so innocent yet not? I’m pretty sure I have a thing for bad boys, sadists, and the crazy’s hahaha!

Favorite parings-

Reborn x Tsuna

Reborn x self-insert

Arcobaleno x Tsuna

Reborn x Harry Potter

Arcobaleno x Harry Potter

Hisoka x si-oc

Killua x si-oc

Least favorite pairings-

Tsuna x kyoko

Gokudera x tsuna

Gon x Killua

Hisoka x gon

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