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Good day, and welcome to my humble profile, though be warned, I am an arrogant scallywagger.

Silliness aside, including my less so than humble name, feel free to refer to me as 'Path' or any such else you may find appropriate.

I hail from Bulgaria, and don't really have much more of anything interesting or noteworthy to add on that side.

The history of how i got here is quite simple too. I came to know this place due to a few RWBY fan fictions, before I even knew what fan fiction really was at that; and I'll forever be glad that I happened upon here. I'm sure many of us have memed fan fiction, but when made with one's creativity, coupled with their love for a series, it becomes something beautiful... probably even the weirder stuff. An acquired taste? Eh, considering my One Soul story, I'm one to talk. :D
I eventually made my profile so I can support the many writers I enjoyed reading the works of, even if it were naught but following and favoriting their stories, and leaving a review, even if don't always manage to think of a review, and often times when I do, I write only a short one.

I eventually wished to try editing, looking at it from a professional stand point, and in trying it here, I'd be able to both get an idea of what it'd be like, and how I'd feel about it, as well as help a few aspiring authors out all the while. I needed to have written and published stories before I had been able to do so, however, and that is how I began writing here. I never thought I'd enjoy it so, but here we are, and much like I'd never change happening upon this site, I'd always be grateful for having tried my hand at writing, for I had found a thing I truly enjoyed doing.

Would it be best to end it on a random note now, quite abruptly as well? Not quite sure, but let's do it anyway.
Favorite characters of RWBY - Roman, Roman's hat, Neo.

I should probably add Fate character favorites now that I have stories on it too, huh? I mean, huh, that's actually a hard one
-Kiritsugu, Archer and... Oath Under Snow. Like, bloody hell, I'd drop the entire movie as my favorite character. It was damn good! :D

Currently ongoing stories.

1 - When Dreams Unite

2 - One Soul, Two Bodies

3 - Learning to Walk Again

On hold.

1 - In-Between Both Worlds - I had rushed it out too abruptly, and while I have some semi-completed chapters, as well as several key plot points planned out, there's much left to flesh out in between and in general before it's ready to carry on yet again.

Story pilots.

Learning to Walk Again - Release date:15th March; Fandom:?

A World of Two Artists - Released Date:1st April; Fandom: RWBY

History Reversed - Release Date:?; Fandom: RWBY

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