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Hello all!

I'm a guy that discovered fanfictions with Evangelion.

Now, I'm mainly reading Ranma, Evangelion and Oh! my goddess fics, as well as Harry Potter and Naruto, lately.

I usually prefer unusual pairings (read : NOT Ranma/Akane and NOT Shinji/Asuka, though there are good ones).

I'm writing a bit myself, but I have not much time (work, too much reading fanfics...) and as I dislike unfinished stories, I decided not to post anything unfinished.

Oh! And I just activated anonymous reviews (I thought that the where activated by default...), not that anyone will review given that I haven't anything new...

(Note that I am still completing this profile and the favorite list is not yet complete, far from it, even...)

I'd hate to have my profile deactivated because my only fic is VERY short (truthfully, it should be an OMAKE), so I'll give it to you here, and delete it.


Genma was proudly standing in front of his wife: He just came back home after a ten years training trip with their unique son and was presenting him to her.
"Happy? HAPPY?" screeched Nodoka. "Why would I be happy? My son is GAY"
"But, No-chan! You wanted him to be a man amongst men"
Nodoka fainted.

(As a side note, I have nothing against gay people, but I KNOW Nodoka do...)

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