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hey ppls!

my name is christina or aka: pansyfansy. I'm 19 yrs. old and i'm a HUGE harry potter fan! I've been reading the books since they first came out and i luv the movies! I'm an avid fanfic reader and have been for years! I just recently decided that maybe i should take a crack at it and write my own! I luv harry/pansy, harry/ginny, ron/hermione, draco/pansy, and draco/ginny,all the Blacks, etc. LOL I hope ppl like my stories and i hope ppl keep updating there own cause i like to read too! Wanna talk more my screen name is: bellabrunettes. I"m pretty cool...most of the time. =)

some quick facts

1. fave color : green (and silver)LOL

2. fave harry potter character :pansy (of course!) and harry and draco!!!

3. fave harry potter pair: harry/pansy, draco/pansy, harry/ginny(occasionally)

4. fave hp book: All of them besides the first two ( not enough fun in them! LOL)

5. I OWN NOTHING OF HP BUT LUV EVERYTHING! (haha..well almost)


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