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Hello to all you beautiful people

I'm just gonna give ya a quick run through over all things me just in case you were curious. If not, then humor me with your attentive stare for a few brief moments.

Birthday: Feb. 21 making me a PiscesI'm 20 years old and trying to do this thing called adulating but if I'm being real I kinda suck at it.Bridge is short for Bridgette. No that is not my real name it's just an alias that I chose because if I ever were to change my name, that's what it would be.I live in Wisconsin, USA (yes I do very much love cheese)I'm very much a people person and will frequently shower you with love and hugsI'm a hopeless romantic, and I live for cliché sappy stuff ~I currently work two jobs, third job pendingMy sleep schedule is weird as f* so I'm sorry if I dm you at odd times

I'm kind of a fairy tail fanatic. Like I tend to fan girl real hard. I may try my hand at writing something one of these days. It's just a matter of me brainstorming. So until then, I will be reading any bit of fanfic I can get my hands on.

Sending all the loves and many hugs

BridgeBae (*~*)/

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