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Hello... My name is Nicole Ottinger, I am 19 years old, a newlywed, and asoon-to-be mom

I live in the U.S. with my husband and our dog, Buddy, in a nice apartment in Indiana. This is my first time being here on Fanfic, but I'm very familar with how these kind of websites work. I have written several stories and have placed them on www.fictionpress.com.

I am in college, working on my special education degree for middle and high school grades. I enjoy reading, and just cuddling up on the couch and bingeing on junk food and tv.

I LOVE 7th Heaven and I am devistated that next Monday night will be their FINAL EPISODE, ending with Simon and Rose's Wedding w/ what looks like Mary! coming back. I also LOVE GH, PC, AMC, OLTL, DAYS,and GL. (all soap operas). I'd like to say Congratulations to General Hospital's Anthony Grey, Luke Spencer, for his Daytime Emmy, and way to go to GH for getting Best Drama !

Right now I am working on a few stories. I will have to admit that when it comes to some of the soaps ESPECIALLY GH - I like to see older couples who have gone their seperate ways come back and rekindle what they had (hint, hint, to one of my stories).

Well thats about it - I'll be updating this page whenever I get the chance to!

Nicole !

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