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About Me:

I've been a writer at heart for as long as I can remember, although I convinced myself through most of my life that my talents lay elsewhere. I am still very new to allowing anyone to read my work, especially since I very rarely feel as though a story is “done.” I'm old enough to know that most people think fanfic is silly (or at least, a guilty pleasure), but young enough at heart not to care.

I took nearly a three year hiatus from writing to get through some personal and family issues. Now, after passing the bar exam, a death or two in the family, a few weddings, several family illnesses, and multiple surgeries, we have hopefully gotten through the worst. It was a rough few years and, unfortunately, I may have burned some bridges when I disappeared to deal with things. The good news is that I can tentatively and optimistically call myself a cancer survivor; I’ll learn for certain if I’ve beaten it in May 2013.


I am a big PR fan; my favorite seasons are MMPR, TF & DT. I also enjoy the Buffy/Angel setting and The Lost World, though I haven’t watched them in some time. I love the Dresden books by Jim Butcher, am enjoying the Iron Druid chronicles by Kevin Hearne, and am getting into the Monsters Hunters International series by Larry Correia.

Writing Projects

One Phone Call was my first published story and the result of several long nights of confidence (and ego) boosts. It is my take on Tommy's experience facing the aftermath of the island's explosion. My newest story, Lying in the Mud, is the sequel to One Phone Call and picks up a few months later as I try to explain how Tommy managed to create the DT rangers.

Hour of Separation is a lighter PR story and is my attempt to give poor Skull a starring role in a fic and Crazypants is the first after my several year hiatus. it is more of a fluff piece that explores the importance of friendship when Kim faces a day that rivals her "Calamity Kimberly" experience.

I had hoped to focus more on longer projects, but I’m trying to ease myself back into writing without burning myself out. I’m still technically in recovery from radiation therapy and am sorely disappointed that I haven’t yet discovered any residual superpowers. Stupid doctors. No fun at all! :)

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