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QUOTE OF THE MONTH: You ask me why I did what I did? Ask, rather, why the serpent Nidhogg eats the roots of Yggdrasil --Why, when the tree's death means, in turn, the dragon's ruin? Because, Thor, I keep telling you -- That is what it was born to do -- That is what I was born to do. (Loki, Earth 616)

PRICELESS WORDS: Fangirls: entirely female, hormone driven subgroup of Scarecrow fans birthed by Cillian Murphy's performance and his sad origin story, making them range from oMg sCareCRow iz so HAWT1!!1 to ooohhhh poor baaabyyy!!! Fans: A coed group of fans of the character as a whole for his current mentality and actions, one of the formerly oppressed oppressing right back and en masse in gleefully sadistic fashion. We know he's cruel, intelligent and as grotesque and grisly as the Joker is, we sure as hell wouldn't want to meet the Scarecrow in a dark alley either. Part of why we love him. (by WTFWonder)

I can now also be found on AO3 as LorienEUrbani.

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