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Hello everyone, my name is Nate and I love writing stories. I love writing treasure hunting stories especially. I am a huge fan of Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, The Last of Us, and the TV show Dexter. The Walking Dead is the best TV show and comic series ever invented, I have seen every single episode up to date and read nearly every single issue. The only problem with the show is Carl Grimes's death. My favorite Walking Dead pairing would be CarlxLydia.

I am a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and my favorite Avenger is Hulk. So far, my favorite MCU movie is Avengers: Endgame. I am also a fan of the original X-Men films and my favorite pairing is Kyro (Kitty/Pyro).

I write purely for fun and I do not make any profit from my stories. I usually specialize in writing sequels or prequels to the aforementioned titles. Usually, in my stories, I will feature at least one returning character while the other characters are original. I usually pair the main character up with a secondary character who usually sticks with the protagonist until the very end. I call these characters the Hero and Sidekick.

Uncharted Hero and Sidekick: Cassie and Derek

I am a fan of Indiana Jones books and my favorite one is Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge. I also have the Tomb Raider novel, The Ten Thousand Immortals and I have Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth.

I do not have anything specific to say other than I hope you guys have fun enjoying my stories. Remember, I write for fun, not for money.

A list of my Indiana Jones books: The Peril at Delphi, The Dance of the Giants, The Seven Veils, The Genesis Deluge (The best one), The Unicorn's Legacy, The Interior World, The Sky Pirates, The White Witch, The Philosopher's Stone, The Dinosaur Eggs, The Hollow Earth, The Secret of the Sphinx and the Army of the Dead.

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