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she/her. (currently) 16-years-old. no native English speaker though sometimes definitely pretending to be lol. really not that interesting. trying to write far too many stories at the same time and rarely (nEvEr) pulling through with writing original content book stuff bc after writing 346 pages and 80k words or sth like that i always decide that it's crap and start to write a new one. but i mostly pull through with my fanfiction stuff so that's a plus point.

hoping to improve my writing skills and really counting on everyone to leave reviews so i can get some feedback.

Ongoing Stories:

1. Tomorrow (Glee Multi-Chap. AU. Rachel, Santana, Shelby)

2. The World Keeps Spinning On And On (Wicked Multi-Chap. AU. Elphaba, Fiyero, Glinda)

Upcoming Stories: (maybe)

1. To Fly Away (Glee Multi-Chap. AU. Rachel)

Completed Stories:

1. Perfection (Mary Poppins One-Shot. Mary Poppins, Bert)

2. Moments of Truth (Aida One-Shot. Amneris)

3. The Loved and The Wicked (Wicked Multi-Chap. AU. Elphaba, Fiyero, Glinda, Melena)

4. On The Other Side Of The Looking Glass (Wicked One-Shot. Elphaba, Fiyero)

5. I Never Knew (If/Then One-Shot. Elizabeth, Josh)

for the bored ones out there, here's some stuff I adore:

Wicked: need i give a reason?

Hamilton: i'm here for daveed and his dance skills. hIlArIoUs! ...and the memes. ...and the songs.

Chess: #florencevassyistherealheroofchess #whoswithme

If/Then: how can something be so sad and so funny at the same time? i just don't get it.

Rent: the classic.

Aida: tHe dRaMa though guys it's killing me.

Wicked Years (like the wicked books): again, the drama and the sadness and the hilariousness and the angstiness and the everything. it's so different from the musical but i just love it.

Glee: so i have to admit that some things really bug me and i haven't finished the whole series. but i allow myself to meddle in the show and change up the storyline until it fits my needs. (and i love to read those kind of fanfictions too) the show had much potential it just wasn't used the right way.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: hIlArIoUs

stay safe and healthy!

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