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Hi, my name is M.T.G. or better known in alternate timelines as the General or in my other lower military rank addresses prior to 2000 CE (the Common Era instead of the AD designation). This happens in 1984, when I listened to a book tape and then read the book,’ The Cat That Walked through Walls’ by Robert Heinlein. In one of chapters, the main story characters encounter a bunch of humans that were from other parallel universes. These characters tells how such universe were created by power of tell or recording mythology in one universe to be formed into another elsewhere. This process is called ‘Myth as Reality’ and I found a way to reverse the process into my timeline and create myself a dark but a little light persona. Not really a superhero, but an avatar of Karma out to fight and save those who have no means or worst, little courage to fight irresponsible oppression. I won’t die easily and don’t suffer the aging effects that attack the physical body to fight on in the most efficient peak possible. But I’m not truly immortal and when I’m finished creating the defenses that will allow all sentient creatures to be mentally, spiritual, and sometimes, physical independent from such forces that coerce rash and stupid decisions that we make and regret later on. Then I shall fade away from existence because no one can truly live forever for forever is a relative term that has no definite answer. As for now, these stories are to be some part of my legacy and this guy’s, too. He’s not me but it’s the best that’s offered to communicate to the readers of this timeline. Be warned, some of these stories are dark aspects of our nature as sentient beings. To deny them is a danger no one should trifle in name of children security.
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