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As for what I'm writing, I'm writing two stories. A RWBY X Call of Cthulu story called RWBY Noir; And a Gate JSDF X HOI4 Kaiserriek story Called Thus the Bear of the west Roamed there.

RWBY Noir: RWBY and JNR find themselves on an alternate 1920's earth where they must find each other, find out how they got there, how to get back home. All while face off against horrific mind destroying monsters of the Cthulu mythos. Can they remain sane to the end? Or perish into madness. (A mystery story with Cosmic horror tropes. Comes out once every two weeks. Typically on Tuesday just after midnight, but sometimes posted back to back.)

Thus the Bear of the west Roamed there: It's 1953, America has suffered greatly over the past three decades. The Second American Civil war. The Chinese Civil war, and the second Weltkrieg. Yet, they survive. The heart of America survived all and emerged as a supper power. Now, not even a year after the ending of the Weltkreig they have been attacked by forces from another world. though sick of war America will once again pick up there arms, and defend the land of the free once more. (A PSA America vs Saderan Romans. Might as well made it a Fallout NV story. I post it twice a month.)

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