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Just some dude, reading fanfics and trying to muster up the motivation to write my own.

Some of my favorite things in fantasy and sci-fi:

(Should've probably mentioned those are my favorite genres ... that's uhh, that's why I made the list in the first place)

  1. Power levels being circumvented by clever power usage and sneak attacks.
  2. Lore, world building.
  3. Characters that actually resemble a living person, I'll happily take that in any genre.
  4. Magic Systems (ya know, the rules of magic).

Stories and other things that inspire me to write ... or will eventually inspire me to write:

1. Vampire Hunter D

2. Fallout

3. Warhammer 40k, have not read a single one of their fantasy books, should probably get on that.

4. Elder Scrolls, specifically the lore which is very interesting and deep when you dig into it.

5. Berserk

6. Araki, the guy who writes JoJo's Bizarre Adventures.

7. Real life myths, folklore and mysticism. I've really been diving into it in these last few years.

8. LogicalPremise, his Mass Effect AU is my new canon, you cannot persuade me otherwise.

9~?. Probably more that I haven't remembered yet.

My favorite kind of fanfic:

Crossovers, without a doubt. The way two or more universes can be smashed together and have all sorts of ripples from their differences has always interested me. Like, hmm, how to put it? It's not just like watching a few episodes of Death Battle where two guys quickly meet to kill each other, I love the clashing of foreign concepts that goes on in these crossovers.

There's almost a cosmic horror aspect about it that I like. Think about it, you get someone from a universe where magic is the norm and then drop him into another universe where casting fireballs is extremely difficult, suddenly everyone is freaking out about the guy who can cast magic no problem. I enjoy the clashes of different forms of common sense and seeing how all the characters adapt to it.

On that note, I really don't like crossovers where the author just waves his hand and says 'Oh, this universe B was actually using universe A's magic all along and they just didn't realize it.' It's lazy, and what's worse is that I've seen people actually do this right, so the guys who did get it right make the stories where it's wrong even worse for me.

That's a dangerous thing in my opinion for fanfictions. As soon as you read a story from someone who's really good at it, they ruin a lot of other stories for you.

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