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Im a guy that lives in America that was born in the 90s. I love harry Potter (love reading just about anything period). I was introduced to fanfic not too long ago and i've never looked back. I'm mostly into harry potter fanfic, but i just love a good story no matter what

Like a lot of people i think that J.k. missed on the last 3 books. the first 4 were great but it seemed like she had ideas from the get go and never changed them despite her characters growing and also missed out on giving some Characters Identities. I believe she got so caught up in having the Harry/Ginny pairing... she just kinda put Ron and Hermoine together for the hell of it...

I don't oppose the Harry-Ginny pairing at all but J.k. never developed Ginny as a character outside of Ron's sister with a HUGE crush on the BWL. i do oppose Hermoine and Ron just because they are so different in key areas that wouldn't work in a relationship imo.

I'm a lot better reader than a one piece of advice for anyone out there trying there luck at FanFic is let the story write itself... if you come into a story set on your pairings and exactly what's going to happen, you make the same mistakes J.K. did in the last few books

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