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My names Solareon, I like to write about a lot of things, really I'll write about whatever catches my interest, there is really no one thing I'll just enjoy writing about.

stories in production:

Walking Dead:

How I met your mother: Daryl tells his kids the story about how he met their mother. Inspired by the show, How I met your mother...only know, more zombies and drinking.

The Life we could have lived: A series of drabbles set in a AU world where the dead never walked the earth.

Sisters: The world was dead, and hoping was slowly fading away. All they had was eachother, and for Amy and Andrea Harrison, that's all they needed.

Brothers: They were Soldiers, Hunters, survivors, but most of all Brothers. The Dixon brothers now fight to survive in a world where the dead isn't the worst thing to fear.


Untitled story: An AU set in the modern world, Team 7 tries to get past their own personal demons, while forming a co-dependent relationship with each other.

stories I'm writing:

Walking Dead

Clear: After killing Otis to save Carl, Shane leaves the group, knowing that he has no place in it anymore. An alternate retelling of Shane's journey, starting from 2X3.

Arkham Hill: What first started out as a simple supply run, soon turns into a horrifying battle for survival. Daryl and Woodbury refuge, Karen, are forced to rely on each other if they hope to make it out of this nightmare alive. Post 3x16.

Crossroads: At a crossroads in their lives, a father and son now separated, try to find peace in a broken world.

Stoires I've finished.

Walking Dead

A Hero's Grave: The last standing Dixon pays his respects to a hero. A one-shot dedicated to the prodigal son of walking dead.

She's One of us: If he was debating on whether or not to give Michonne to Governor, she deserved a say in it, after everything she had done for them, she had deserved at least that.

No one can make it Alone: "There never could be enough time." She replied softly. "That's why I'll stay by his side till the end. Truth is, all you can do is enjoy what time you have left, before it's too late." Post 3x16. Just a little one-shot featuring Rick, Michonne, Carl, and Beth, with an appearance by Daryl and a special 'guest' appearance.

Come Home: The Governor had his plans, Rick had his plans, and Andrea had her own plans. Well, Dixons didn't make plans, they made god damn missions! And Daryl's mission, was to bring Andrea back home. AU from 3X13 and beyond. Rated M for violence and Dixon's language

Tomarrow is Tomarrow and Today is Today: Months after the Governor's death, Carl takes some time to think about how much life has changed recently.

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