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Duke of salted fish PM
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HI I'm back again reading fanfics! Can't believe it's been almost 5 years nostalgia got me crying on my bed right now

So many things happened...

December 5 2022

College life is shit period. Coronavirus is the shitiest shit

October 18 2021

College life is a mess. :(

November 21 2019

I'm a reader from China and I sincerely hope you hold no prejudice against my country :)

Right now I'm working on some business about trying to get myself into a college(that is, an exam like SAT) so I haven't been and won't be on this site for a long time.

April 16 2019

And here's the explanation of my name and that cat meme.

In China, salted fish means someone who gives up striving for what he/she thinks doesn't deserve striving. And the duke of salted fish? That means I'm a master in being a salted fish!

The Chinese in that picture of cat means "Taking Notes On My Secret Notebook".

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