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I /should/ be doing my (what I now realize to be) truckload of homework, but now there's someone who's actually going to be reading this (I think). -looks pointedly at Zak- So, I guess some self-evaluation couldn't hurt.

Name: Chantal Flameshadow, Fourth of Dh00m, Co-founder of Feruche, Creator of the Ladies Melanie and Akila of Feruche (Mother and daughter, you sickos), Creator of the Almighty Ones, Authoress of all you survey below. Whew. That's a lot of titles. o.o

Age: 14, bitch!

Birthdate: May 30, 1992 GEMINIS RULE SO HARD!!

Ethnicity: African-American. And possibly Irish. Yeahp, mom's adopted. xD I like to say I'm Irish, it's kinda cool.

Birthplace: Cleveland, OH. But I now reside in Chicago, IL (-giggles as people from Chicago look at me funny-)

Gender: (Like you couldn't figure this out by now...) Female! Yeah-yeah!

Orientation/Relationship: Bi and proud of it/In a relationship with the most beautiful girl...woman in the entire world, Spirit Matsumoto de la Attique, Second of Dh00m, Creator/Founder/Soul of Feruche and pretty much all who reside in it and within the world around it, from Kishi down to Akila's sons Kieran(something like that...) and Damien.

What flips my bic, if you catch the Sookie Stackhouse reference: Pretty eyes, a sound mind (to balance out my sometimes hyperactive nature. Y'know, dual personality and all), I dunno really, whatever attracts me

What flips my bic off: Assholes, shouvanistic pigs, guys/girls who cheat and lie about it (I'd rather you tell me. I won't get mad, honest. I'll be upset, but I won't break up with you. If I love you and you love me and you really want me in your heart, it's...okay.), guys that don't know what they want, male depression (do NOT get me started), depression in general... I try not to be depressed, but sometimes I can't help myself.

Song(s) I can't get out of my head: (To look these songs up, try before google) Back At One - Brian McKnight "It's undeniable that we should be together. It's unbelievable, how I used to say that I'd fall never..."

Pretty Girl - Sugarcult "Pretty girl is suffering while he confesses everything. Pretty soon she'll figure out what his intentions were about..."

Supergirl - Krystal "Sometimes I had dreams; I'd picture myself flying. Above the clouds, high in the sky..."

Fergalicious - Fergie "Fergalicious: definition - make them boys go loco. They want my treasure so they get their pleasure from my photo."

Cut Up Angels - The Used "If we cut out the bad, well then we'd have nothing left. Like I cut up your mouth the night I stuffed it all in..."

Let it Bleed - The Used "This poison's my intoxication, I broke the needle off in my skin. Picked the scabs and picked the bleeding..."

Buried Myself Alive - The Used "You almost always pick the best times to drop the worst lines. You almost made me cry again this time..."

Sad Clown - Atmosphere "This world ain't a wasteland, just taste that way sometimes. Depends on the angle on how you read your lines. On this brick we stack and come together to build, there's a sick little crack in this foundation still. Humans, I can't accept them. Trying to figure out what fuels them and their essence..."

That's about it for now. I really need to start on my homework. Later!

EDIT: I just remembered I had a livejournal! XD It's kinda dead, so...that's prolly why. Here it is: http:// I am Mitsaru =D Add me. Just, like...tell me who you are. In fact, you can IM me at AIM or MSN. Mostly MSN because I forget about AIM. AIM: ChantalUsagi MSN: ChantalUsagi@

My Top Harry Potter ships:

I think it's obvious I'm not a real het fan. And, y'know, girls get me goin and all that, but femslash is kinda...blah. o_o

My Least Favorite ships, you know the ones where you wanna shoot the person that even thinks of writing it:
Tonks/Remus (DIE!)
Remus/Draco (Ew..)
Harry/Hermione (I can sadly see this one)
Hermione/Severus (EEWEWWW!)
Hermione/Sirius (O_O)
Remus/Hermione (Gag me with a spoon, narly! XP)
Remus/Ginny (Oh f- -oh, god...barf!)
Sirius/Ginny (MY EYES! Oh, it burnsssss, preciousss!)
Draco/Severus (-shudder- I can see this one, too. Still doesn't make it any less gross.)
Draco/Sirius (Let's. Not. Go there.)

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