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Hello, there. My name is Nina and I am, to put it vaguely, very young. I have lived in Canada for five years, and I am an Asian. I aspire to become a writer when I am older, among a few other things.

I am a writer, as you already know, but I have other hobbies.
I am a pianist, a violinist and I play fluently on the recorder.
I dance, majoring mostly in ballet.
I land dance roles in shows annually.
I ama good artist (for my age), and I do best with sketching and handiwork using drawing utensils.
I have had my art in exhibitions once or twice.
I am in a children's orchestra and I'm in several children's choir.
I still take my acting classes but I do not dare to dream of being a famous actress anymore.

Other than the professions I have, I love shopping. I'm a clothes whore.
I adore going to parties and sleepovers with friends.
I live on MSN.
I don't do too well with homework; I'm always distracted, either online writing a story, or offline talking to a friend, or just lazing around reading a magazine I just bought. This appliesto my stories. I'm always doing something other than what I should do. It's wierd rebellion. So my updates will be... to say the least, infrequent.

Stories that I will most likely write on fanfiction.net would be about Harry Potter and Gossip Girl. Aren't they dandy books?

My favorite Harry Potter characters go in this order:
1) Sirius!
2) Luna
3) Narcissa

My favorite Gossip Girl characters go in this order:
1) Blair!
2) Nate
3) Lord Marcus

My favorite Harry Potter pairings are: I do not have one. I like any story if it's written well and draws me in. Any pairing is likeable if the story is great enough. One that I have special interest in, though, is Sirius x James.

My favorite Gossip Girl pairings are: Blair x Nate

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