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Isekai Mess Update(s):


Got 2 chapters down, but they turned out longer than I thought they'd be. I still want to get that third (or even a fourth) done before posting, since these two don't have much action in them.

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An aspiring author, working on my craft everyday, no matter how small the effort or progress. It started off with a daily goal of writing 500 words at minimum per day, to keep my skills steady at the very least. In doing so, I have created a bunch of one-shot original and fanfic ideas that I won't post because they don't go anywhere, and are simply a means to pour 500 words into.

Rising of the Isekai Mess was one of those stories. However, this one was especially fun to write, so I ended up posting it online. Figured that if I enjoy writing it, others will enjoy reading it. The feedback has been positively phenomenal, even when its critical. I'm looking to improve in any way I can. Originally, it was just supposed to be a subversive parody of the first episode of Shield Hero, a few chill-and-fight chapters, then the ending I planned. However, in response to the people reading and/or loving it, I've decided to expand it into a full-fledged story before bringing in the ending I can now really build up to.

Anyway, I still have much to learn, and with every chapter, I learn something new about myself and the craft of writing in general. Bear with me!

In the end, whatever I do plan to do, I hope you enjoy it!

-Killian Astar

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