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I am just a reader/reviewer and love reading people's stories. I wouldn't mind writing a fanfic story but I am not quite confident in writing one. One of these days I will, One of these days...*raises fist*

Currently Listening: Here Comes a Thought by NateWantsToBattle

Favorite Quote: "If your presence doesn't make an impact, your absence won't make a difference."

Interest: Video Games, Anime, Yaoi, Yuri, Fanfiction, Music, animals, and the many colors of the rainbow lol.

Favorite color: Rainbow! :D But since rainbow isn't a "Color" as most people would say. :p My optional favorite colors are either Purple, Red,Blue,Teal, and Black. :)

Favorite characters

Ghirahim- Skyward Sword and Hyrule Warriors

Shiek- Orcarina of Time and Hyrule Warriors

Sidon- Breath of The Wild

Urbosa- Breath of The Wild

Revali- Breath of The Wild

Wolf O'Donnell- starfox, Star fox 64, Starfox assault, Starfox command, SSB:Brawl, Starfox Zero

Ada Wong- Resident Evil: 2, 4, 6, Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles

Alphard Al Sheya- Canaan

Liang Qi- Canaan

Canaan- Canaan

Christie- Dead or Alive 3, 4 & 5

Jake Muller- Resident Evil: 6

Grimmjow Jeagerjaques- Bleach

Rig- Dead or Alive 5

Gaara of the Sand- Naruto

Albert Wesker- Resident Evil: 0, 1, 4, 5, UC, DC, MVC3 and Code: Veronica,

Hichigo Shirosaki- Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki- Bleach

Agito/Akito- Air Gear

Flippy- Happy Little Tree Friends

Kenny- South Park

Kyo Sohma- Fruits Basket/Fruba

Ayame Sohma- Fruits Basket/Fruba

Shigure Sohma- Fruits Basket/Fruba

Hikaru and Kaoru- OHSHC

Greed/Ling- FMA: Brotherhood

Greed- FMA and FMA: Brotherhood

Wrath- FMA

Envy- FMA and FMA:Brotherhood

Doctor Jackal- Getbackers

Izaya- Durarara

Ulquiorra Schiffer-Bleach

Grell Sutcliff- Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji

Claude Faustus-Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji

William T. Spears- Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji

Undertaker- Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji

Ran-Mao- Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji

Lau- Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji

Angelina Durless aka: Madame Red-Black Butler/kuroshitsuji

Favorite Anime

Naruto,Bleach,Durarara,Soul Eater,Hetalia,fruits basket,Utena,Trigun,Cowboy Bebop,Getbackers,D.N. Angel,Inuyasha,Yu Yu Hakusho, Sailor Moon(First Anime),Samurai Deeper Kyo,Deathnote,Escaflowne, Black Butler, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt and Junjo Romantica etc...etc

Favorite Couples

GhirahimX Fi-Skyward Sword and Hyrule Warriors

OrihimeXGrimmjow, NelXGrimmjow, OrihimeXUlquiorra - Bleach

SherryXJake, AdaXJake, AdaXLeon -Resident Evil

HinataXNaruto, HinataXGaara - Naruto

Favorite Yaoi Couples

GhirahimXlink- Skyward Sword and Hyrule Warrriors

SidonXLinks -Breath of The Wild

RevaliXLinks -Breath of The Wild

Wolf O'DonnellXFox McCloud -Starfox

Dark LinkXLink- Orcarina of Time and Hyrule Warriors

GrimmjowXIchigo,HichigoXIchigo, GrimmjowXUlquiorra- Bleach

NarutoXSasuke,NarutoXGaara,NarutoXItachi,NarutoXSai- Naruto

UsagiXMisaki- Junjo Romantica

InuyashaXSesshomaru,InuyashaXMiroku- Inuyasha

DaisukeXSatoshi- D.N. Angel

LXLight,MelloXMatt,MelloXNear- Deathnote

BanXGinji,BanXDoctorJackal- Getbackers

KyoXHatsuharu,YukiXHatsuharu- Fruits Basket

MikadoXMasaomi,IzayaXShizuo,MikadoXIzaya,MasaomiXIzaya,MikadoXShizuo,MasaomiXShizuo,KyoheiXMikado,KyoheiXMasaomi- Durarara

WilliamXGrell, SebastianXGrell, ClaudeXSebastian-Black Butler/kuroshitsuji

Favorite Yaoi threesome

GrimmIchiShiro- Bleach

SidonLinkRevali- BOTW

Favorite Bands

t.A.T.u,Rammstein,Papa Roach,Three days Grace,Avenged Sevenfold,System of a Down,Lady Gaga,Skillet,Linkin Park,Mana,My Chemical Romance etc,etc.

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