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Chibi Serenity Chan
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Giggles, Waving HELLO~ _ I’m Chibi Serenity Chan, formally known as ‘lilserenitychan’

; It has seemed that I have…well, got banned…er…deleted….Ehehe, well I’m back and ready for more yummy Yaoi stories! Smirks

Well, as it seems many may know me and many (Lots) don’t know me, so let me get to the essential information:

Age: 18

Birth Date: October 10, 1989…..I love autumn…_

Area Which I live In: In good ‘ol California _~

Hobbies: YAOI! Drools RPing, Writing, DRAWING! I draw more than I write check me out, Voice Acting I wanna be a voice actor! Listening to J-pop and Rock….Singing J-pop and Rock….XD

Eye Color, Hair Color, Height: I have dark brown eyes….I have the mix of Red, Black, and Brown in my hair Yes, it’s natural, I am currently…5…3… _ ”

Fav. Colors: PURPLE! Black, Blood red, Dark blue….Hm…

Fav. Yaoi couples: Ahem VegetaxGoku (Vegeta SEME Goku UKE!), Truhan,

KingVegetaxBardock, BurolixGoku, MTxGoku, MGxMT (the Mirai’s), TurlesxRaditz, TurlesxGoku, HughesxRoy, BurolixGogeta, TtasumixTsuzuki, Many More………

Fav. DBZ Characters: Goku, Chibi Trunks, Mirai Gohan, Vegeta, Chichi, Mirai Trunks, Buroli, Gogeta, Vegetto, Bardock, King Vegeta, Turles, Raditz, 18, 17, Pan, and slowly Bulma, but I like Mirai Bulma the best_

Fav. Anime Characters: Lina Inverse (Slayers), Toya (Ceres), Tatsumi (Descendants of Darkness), Tsuzuki (D.O.D), Muraki (D.OD.), Maes Hughes (FMA), Roy Mustang (FMA), Riza Hawkeye (FMA),

Hm, currently the stories I use to have up were:

Me and My Koi~

Sekushi Sensei~



….O_O I don’t remember the rest….;

Well, I am actually writing a sequel and extra chapter to “Me and My Koi” which for some is a big treat_ I hope to write more in the future but at the moment drawing has been my passion…. VISIT ME NOW! XD

http:/// My art webbie….._

I update a helluva more there than anything else…._

Nov. 25 07

OMG, you guys, I'm so sorry, I haven't been on this thing in like years, for all you who have read and review, fav, ect...I'm deeply sorry for not taking the damn time to consider that some people actually liked my work and read AND reviewed, ect..

For 'Me and My Koi' that story was done, years ago, I got banned and slowly started re-posting it, but lost some of the files, I believe I found the disk, and I will try my hardest to re-post the story in WHOLE, for you guys. Once again, I'm truely sorry for those who have waited a long time...

As for 'Sekushi Sensie' I didn't even finish that story..: ( I'm sorry for those who liked it...

If you guys would like to contact me I have a myspace, /i_will_tremble_in_prayer feel free to contract me through that.


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