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Hmm... I suppose I ought to put something here, since people are starting to peek at my profile. I'm currently an at-home mom, hoping we can find a cheap vehicle that will pass inspection soon, as my young'un is in school now and I'd like to get a part-time job soon. Unfortunately, as wonderful as my semi-rural and artsy hometown is, it has no real public transportation, so until we find a second car, I'm stuck.

I've been writing since I was in the first grade. My teacher encouraged creativity as well as quiet... if you finished your class work, you were allowed to get a piece of "story paper" (it had a blank space at the top, so you could draw a picture as well as write in the lined portion below) and make up whatever you wanted. Kudos to her, I say, for getting her students to use their imaginations. So, that was how I got my start.

Anyway, my initial plunge into fanfic started with a couple of Earth's Children fics on the Auelboard. I plan to post them here eventually, but I'll need to change a couple of chapters first, to suit the restrictions here. I expect I'll get around to that when I'm finished with the Dead Poets Society fic that I currently have in-progress.

When I'm not writing, I enjoy various crafts, gardening, D&D and online D&D-based freeform roleplaying, neopets, chatting with online friends, and cooking. Unfortunately, I also enjoy eating what I cook, lol.

Update, April 2018.

Good grief, this profile is old! I'm now living in a small city, halfway across the country from the town I mentioned up above, and the young'un graduates from high school next month.

Published my first steamy romance novel last year (called Love In Arms, and it's available through Amazon in print or Kindle) and I'm working on a second, hopefully with fewer flaws. I kinda hurried to publish last year, as my father is in failing health with dementia besides, and I wanted to be able to hand him a copy of my book while he was still "with it" enough to appreciate my accomplishment. Not that he'd actually *read* a romance novel, especially a steamy one, but still. Love In Arms started life as a NaNoWriMo project, so, yeah, there's a few places that I got a little repetitive (character A giving full explanations about something to several people at different times, instead of one full explanation and a couple of, "And character A went on to relate why this was so." And at least one of the steamy scenes could have been removed without affecting the story. (Gotta make those daily word counts, right?) Like I said, working on fixing those faults with the next one... and hey, I did get a good review on Amazon, and it wasn't from a relative, either!

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